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Popular Windows Phone Articles for 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 Review: Windows Phone, Now With 4G

The Nokia Lumia 710 is the first Windows Phone with 4G connectivity, but the fact that it's on T-Mobile's network hinders its performance somewhat. Does this handset still manage to[...]

Nokia Lumia 900 Review: Can It Save Windows Phone?

The Nokia Lumia 900 could be one of the last chances for the Windows Phone platform. Does it deliver or will Microsoft's mobile OS continue to get trounced by the[...]

Windows Phone 8 Review: Let’s Try This Again

With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is filling in the gaps found in the last iteration of its mobile operating system and giving it a chance to really compete.

T-Mobile Commits to Launching 4G LTE Service Next Year

T-Mobile has just announced that it is going to upgrade its cellular-wireless data network so it can offer 4G LTE service. This should significantly improve the speed and bandwidth of[...]

Nokia Lumia 920 & Lumia 820 Preview

Nokia came to NYC with Microsoft to show off their recently-announced Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phone 8 devices, and they did not disappoint.

HTC 8X Review: Starting Off on the Right Foot

Thanks to killer hardware like the HTC 8X, it looks like Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8 operating system is getting off to a strong start.

CES 2012: Nokia Lumia 900 Hands-On Preview

Among the biggest news coming out of CES was the unveiling of the Nokia Lumia 900, an upcoming Windows Phone that will support AT&T's 4G LTE network. This device[...]

J.D. Power: Apple iPhone Takes Top Honor in Customer Satisfaction Once Again

Apple will have to make room for another award on its mantle, as the company's iPhone clinched the top spot in the most recent J.D. Power and Associates survey for[...]

Nokia Lumia 822 Review: That’s More Like It

Thanks to Verizon's powerful 4G LTE network, the Lumia 822 sheds the one major weak spot of its sister models: the performance of its respective carrier.

Nokia Lumia 800 Review: A Windows Phone that Stands Out from the Pack

The Lumia 800 isn't Nokia's flagship model, but according to our reviewer, this Windows Phone has some advantages over its bigger and more expensive sister model, the Lumia 900. Read[...]

Nokia Lumia 810 Review: Being Held Back

The Nokia Lumia 810 is an excellent piece of mid-tier hardware that would be a must-buy for new users, if not for one major drawback.

Samsung Focus 2 Review: The Luxury Side of Entry-Level

The Samsung Focus 2 is the most recent 4G LTE Windows Phone release from AT&T. Though armed with an entry-level price of $50, its specs aren't reflected in that modest[...]

Nokia Releases Play To DLNA App For Lumia Phones

Nokia has released Play To, a DLNA app for its Lumia line of Windows Phones. It's available now for free in the Marketplace. This allows users to stream media from[...]

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Features Leaked

Numerous features of Microsoft's next-generation Windows Phone 8 platform, aka "Apollo", have leaked out. Many of the most-requested features of this operating system are apparently on the way.

CES 2012: HTC Titan II Hands-On Preview: A Smartphone of Epic Proportions, Literally

Windows Phone 7 is moving on up to AT&T's LTE network with the HTC Titan II, the first WP7 4G device. We got to spend some time with the massive[...]

HTC Titan II Review: Come for Windows Phone 7.5 With 4G, Stay for the Camera

It may be huge and have a display of dubious quality, but the HTC Titan II is still, overall, a solid addition to the growing lineup of 4G LTE Windows[...]

Verizon Begins Easing Customers Out of Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans

Verizon's switch over to its new shared data plans -- which happened this morning -- marks the beginning of the end for those of its subscribers who still have an[...]

Verizon Wireless Must Allow Free Tethering After FCC Ruling

Thanks to a ruling by the FCC, a large number of Verizon Wireless customers will once again be able to tether freely, without having to pay a monthly fee to[...]

T-Mobile Launches Truly Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data Plan

Staying true to its word, T-Mobile has introduced a truly unlimited 4G data plan across the country, targeting consumers tired of paying for tiered data from larger carriers like Verizon[...]

Adobe Flash Player: Good Riddance

Android smartphone or tablet users can no longer install Adobe Flash Player. Adobe gave up on this software for a very good reason: it was terrible.