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Using an iPhone 4 with T-Mobile Just Got Much Easier

A surprising number of T-Mobile subscribers use an iPhone, even though the carrier doesn't offer this device. But at least T-Mobile made this a bit easier today, as it has[...]

Apple iPhone 4S Review: The Best Gets Better

Apple's fifth-generation smartphone isn't what many people were expecting - instead of a re-designed model, the iPhone 4S is a speed-bumped version of last year's offering. How does this new[...]

How to Increase the Battery Life of Apple’s iPhone 4S

Many of those with an iPhone 4S have complaints about the battery life. Apple has acknowledged these problems, and is working to fix them. In the meantime, users of this[...]

Apple iPhone 5: What the Rumors Say [UPDATED]

Saying that Apple is going to release an updated version of its wildly popular smartphone this summer is a safe bet -- predicting what the specifications will be is much[...]

Dragon Dictation for iPhone Review

Dragon Dictation is a free voice-to-text app for the iPhone and other iOS-based devices. It allows users to dictate emails, Facebook posts, and other messages with just their voice. Daniel[...]

The Best Smartphones for College Students

Just about every student wants a smartphone, and rightly so -- a good phone can keep them on track balancing their classes and social life, and also keep them in[...]

MotionX-GPS Review: Full-Featured GPS for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

For merely $2.99, Fullpower's MotionX-GPS for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad gives hikers, runners, skiers, and other outdoor enthusiasts a Swiss Army knife's worth of tools, functions, features and options.[...]

Mark Your Calendars: the Apple iPhone 5 Could Debut on…

The dates for Apple's next Worldwide Developer Conference may have leaked out. Steve Jobs has used this event in previous years to announce his company's new smartphones, raising the possibility[...]

AT&T iPhone 4 Getting Apple’s New Mobile Hotspot App

One of the major enhancements in the newly-announced iOS 4.3 is an app that will allow the iPhone 4 to act like a mobile Wi-Fi access point. AT&T has confirmed[...]

Jawbone ERA Review

Jawbone makes some of the best Bluetooth headsets available, and the Jawbone ERA comes with not just amazing noise cancellation capabilities, but also spoken status messages, and even an accelerometer.[...]

iPhone 5 Design Accidentally Revealed by Apple

Buried in the next version of Apple's mobile operating system is an icon which apparently shows what the iPhone 5 is going to look like. There's not a lot of[...]

Apple iPhone 4S Sale Drops Price by $30

The national retail chain Radio Shack is having a special sale this week that cuts $30 off the price of all its AT&T iPhone models. This is most unusual --[...]

Download Lowdown: 10 Must-Have App Types for Your iPhone

Along with the apps that come with your iPhone, you'll definitely want to download more. Here are recommendations on what types to choose out of the hundreds of apps downloadable[...]

Apple iOS 4.3 Might Be Released for the iPhone on February 13

A couple of reviewers may have spilled the beans about the timing of an upcoming iOS update: though it has yet to be confirmed, speculation has pointed to a February[...]

10 Ways Apple Can Improve the iPhone

Apple's iPhone and iPad are wildly popular, but there's still plenty of room for improvement to the iOS, the operating system that powers both these devices. Brighthand's Site Editor brings[...]

Most Popular Smartphones for July 2011

Each month, Brighthand publishes a list of the smartphones that readers have shown the most interest in during the preceding four weeks. This month's list is a good mix of[...]

Creating Apps Without Coding

In his latest column, our European correspondent Dragan Petric takes a look at several options that allow non-programmers to create smartphone software, and also considers how this is going to[...]

Apple iOS 4.3 Upgrade Now Available for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

The scheduled release date for the upgrade to iOS 4.3 wasn't until this Friday, but Apple has gone ahead and introduced it early. This isn't a major upgrade, but does[...]

Why Today’s College Student Should Have a Smartphone

Phones today have become mobile connections to the entire world, doing just about anything a laptop can do. According to Brighthand's intern, a college student himself, anyone attending a university[...]

Apple’s Super Low-Cost Smartphone Could be the iPhone 3GS

There have been widely-reported but unconfirmed reports that Apple is going to offer a very inexpensive iPhone targeting the pre-paid market this fall. A supposedly reliable source indicates that the[...]