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Apple iPod 5G / Video iPod Review (pics)

The Apple iPod 5G, more commonly known as the Apple iPod Video, is the most recent evolution of Apple's world famous MP3 player that combines the best aspects of each[...]

How to Listen to Podcasts on a Handheld

An iPod isn't necessary for listening to podcasts; there are applications that can download these online audio programs directly to a Palm or Pocket PC.

RumorMill™: Details of Upcoming Apple Handheld

A Mac-related web site has what it claims is a description of a handheld that Apple will release this summer. Supposedly, it will offer a clamshell design, an internal hard[...]

Will palmOne Become Another Apple?

At times, the comparisons between palmOne and Apple are almost startling. So Brighthand's Ed Hardy wants to know, will palmOne eventually end up where Apple is now?

Microsoft Proposes Two New Thumb-Driven User Interfaces

A team of Microsoft researchers have come up with AppLens and LaunchTile, two possible user interfaces that can be controlled entirely with a single thumb.

Apple iPod touch First Impressions Review

Kevin O'Brien was able to get his hands on Apple's just released iPod touch, and brings us his thoughts on this hot new model after spending a few hours with[...]

Apple PDA Rumors Stoked Again

Every few months it seems a requirement for the tech press to re-discuss the idea of Apple making a PDA. We all know Apple's been thinking about it, they'd be[...]

RumorMill™: Apple Handheld Prototype in Circulation

Despite the fact that Apple executives have said several times that their company won't be making a handheld, rumors persist. Now there is one that says Apple has put together[...]

Steve Jobs Says There’ll Be No Apple PDA

Yesterday, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs said once again that his company isn't going to release a handheld or smartphone.

Next Generation iPods Offer Increased Handheld Features

Apple's newest iPods continue to blur the line between a music player and a handheld.

OQO Model 01 – PDA and Notebook Computer Hybrid Device (Pics)

OQO is a San Francisco based company started by former employees from both Apple and IBM. In January at the CES show in Las Vegas OQO unveiled a working[...]

Synchronize Your iPod with Outlook

PocketMac has released iPod for Windows, which allows users of Microsoft Outlook to easily export contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and email messages to an iPod music player.

RumorMill™: Another Hint an Apple Handheld May Be in the Wings

A bit of new evidence has emerged that suggests Apple might have hired a company to do some research into whether there's a market for an updated version of the[...]

New Patent May Be a Hint of Apple’s Handheld Plans

Apple recently received a patent for a method of handling a rotating computer screen. Though this would not normally be of interest to most handheld users, there's a suggestion in[...]

No Third-Party Applications for the iPhone

Despite Apple's announcement yesterday of the iPhone, some of the details of this device are still trickling out. Probably the most significant of these is the revelation that Apple will[...]

Apple May Be Developing Pocket-Size Mac

An Apple-related web site says it has been leaked information on a secret project to create a mini laptop running OS X.

Apple Smartphone ”Only a Matter of Time”

The CEO of Motorola today said that it isn't a question of if, but when Apple will release its first smartphone.

Apple Working on a Mobile Phone?

A new unconfirmed report has been published that indicates that Apple is working on a mobile phone.

Motorola Announces A780 Linux SmartPhone and MPx220 Pocket PC SmartPhone

Motorola yesterday hosted a press event dubbed "Seamless Mobility". Motorola announced their new ultra-thin RAZR V3 clamshell phone, iTunes Alliance -- a strategic alliance to between Apple and[...]

palmOne Reaches Out to Mac Users

palmOne has introduced an area on its web site for Apple Macintosh users who want to get the most out of their palmOne handhelds and smartphones. However, many Mac users[...]