iPod 2003 SmartPhone Articles

Popular iPod Articles for 2003

RumorMill™: Apple Handheld Prototype in Circulation

Despite the fact that Apple executives have said several times that their company won't be making a handheld, rumors persist. Now there is one that says Apple has put together[...]

Next Generation iPods Offer Increased Handheld Features

Apple's newest iPods continue to blur the line between a music player and a handheld.

Rumors of an Impending Apple PDA Are False

Every few months it becomes popular to find a small piece of evidence that supports the imminent release of an Apple PDA and blow it way out of proportion. Such[...]

Apple improves Mac to Palm syncing with iSync 1.0

Apple has announced the release of iSync 1.0 and iCal 1.0.1. If you don't know already, iSync is Apple's software that renders all those third party Apple sync conduits useless.[...]

Pocket PCs Can Now Sync with Macs

Mark/Space has released a desktop application that allows Pocket PCs to synchronize with computers running Apple’s Mac OS X.

BrightBytes™: Wi-Fi & 128MB CF Card, iSync, Smartphone, and More

SanDisk will soon release a CompactFlash card that offers both 128 MB of memory and Wi-Fi; Apple has updated its synchronization software; Microsoft’s Smartphone OS will soon be available on[...]

BrightBytes™: Treo 270, Toshiba e750, Sakoman and More

T-Mobile is going to raise the profile of the Treo 270, there will be a demo of the Toshiba e750 in SF later this month, a former PalmSource exec has[...]

BrightBytes™: HanDBase, h1910 Case, Sony, and More

DDH Software is giving $1,000 to the person who can make the best HanDBase applet, there is a new hardcase for the h1910, find out the latest on CF memory[...]

PDA News – Rugged Windows CE.NET PDA, Compact Flash USB Adapter Pre-Order, Quicken for PPC, Kyle’s Quest

Tripod Data Systems is selling the Recon ruggedized CE.NET PDA As promised the CF USB card will be shipping in March, pre-order yours now If you've been waiting[...]

PDA News – PDA Fuel Cells?, Sakoman Goes Apple, Top 10 eBooks, SE P800 On Sale

Toshiba is working on bringing fuel cell technology to PDAs and other mobile computers Former Palm exec Steve Sakoman rejoins Apple Palm has released the top 10 eBooks[...]