Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

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Software and Apps

The iPhone 5 runs iOS 6, which is simple, smooth, stable, dependable, and intuitive. My grandmother can pick up the phone and already figure out how to make calls, look up stuff on Google, and send text messages — it is that simple. Simplicity if the operating system is sometimes substituted with “boring”, as it is more or less the same of the OS that shipped with the original iPhone, and  Apple has taken baby steps with each new release. iOS6 now features Facebook integration on top of Twitter from iOS 5 but you still can’t share pictures and post updates to other big names such as Flickr and Instagram, which can be done on any Android device.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Apple iPhone 5Apps on the iPhone 5 is what makes this a winner. First of all, if you are a Mac user, you can take advantage of how the iPhone integrates very well with Mac OS X, especially version 10.8 (Mountain Lion). You can send and receive iMessages that sync up with the Mac and other iOS devices. Photo Stream syncs up with iPhoto or Aperture. Music and apps sync with iTunes or with iCloud.

On top of all that, there are over 725,000 apps available to download, with big names as third-party developers. And thanks to Apple’s strict rules and quality control, it has the best App Store out of any mobile OS. Apps usually appear on iOS before they appear on Android or Windows Mobile (though that is definitely changing as we speak).

It’s true, iOS is boring, but most people use smartphones only for text, email, social networks, music, and browsing the Web, and the iPhone does all of these very well.

The Galaxy S III is currently running Android 4.0, and soon OS 4.1 will be available for it — also a great OS. Unlike its rival, these feature useful widgets on their homescreens where you can easily adjust settings such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi simply by pulling down the menu. Or if you want to take a quick note, you can easily open up the Evernote widget straight to jot them down without every having to sort through the app. With the iPhone 5, iOS 6 still doesn’t allow any use of widgets.

But if you are into apps and not really into tweaking your phone, the iPhone is the way to go. However, if you are looking for customization and want to get a phone to do things how you want, are not afraid of taking a few hours or days to explore the endless possibilities you can do with an Android, the Galaxy S III is currently the phone to get. With 675,000 apps in the Google Play Store, you should be able to find the same apps that you would find in Apple’s App Store or at least something similar to them. However, some Apps do run better on iOS than they do on Android — such as Skype — but Android software developers are getting better.


Battery life on the iPhone 5 is noticeable better than the iPhone 4S by about an extra 2 hours. The smartphone will last you the entire workday depending on what you do. I roughly average about 12-13 hours before the phone hits 1% and I have to charge again.

On the Samsung Galaxy S III, I can get up to about 8-9 hours, but I also have the option of swapping out the battery since it’s user replaceable.

Battery wins on the iPhone 5 if you don’t count extra batteries or charging cases.


I’m a huge fan of the Galaxy S III camera. It takes brilliant pictures in decent and in low-light situations. The iPhone 5 is no slouch either, as both are equipped with 8MP cameras and can take panorama photos. They are both quick, with no shutter lag, and produce excellent photo qualities for a phone.

The Galaxy S III camera, in my opinion, takes better photos than the iPhone 4S and can stand head to head with the iPhone 5. However, the 5 takes better pics in low-light areas. And thanks to the shape, build, and the positioning of the volume button, which does double-duty as a shutter button, it makes it a much more intuitive camera.

As for front-facing cameras, the S III is equipped with a 1.9MP whereas the iPhone 5 has a 1.3MP Face Time camera. In neither of these do I see a difference in quality.


To be honest, you can’t really go wrong with either of these smartphones, and it’s a matter of preference and how you want to use your mobile device.

I like the Galaxy S III because it is fun to customize, and I can make the phone operate how I want it to. I like the iPhone 5 because of its simplicity, apps, and how it’s a great smartphone overall.

The iPhone 5 may not be the best phone at the moment depending on who you talk to, but over the last few years Apple’s iPhone series definitely has set the bar high for mobile devices, which is why we are getting awesome gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy S III.

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