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For those with a voluminous number of personal and professional contacts on their smartphones, the prospect of changing email addresses or phone numbers can cause all manner of anxiety. Historically, this is a task that’s been accomplished by one of two comparatively primitive methods: spreading the news by word of mouth, or sending a bulk email with your updated information. 

Addappt, Android, mobile contacts, appThe trouble with these approaches is that they’re not only time consuming, but they also require other parties to manually update their own contact lists — a process that may not always go down smoothly. Now, though, a trio of ex-Microsoft and LinkedIn employees has developed an app called Addappt, which takes out that antiquated labor and automates Android smartphone contact updates instead.

Originally exclusive to iOS devices but recently released to Android, Addappt transfers all information and avatars from your existing smartphone contacts list to its own clean, user-friendly interface, which can then be used as a standalone program for calling, texting, and emailing. The app works by allowing you to update your personal information and having those updates automatically sync to the handsets of other users — eliminating the need to communicate, either verbally or via email, whenever information is updated.

One of the widely-declared drawbacks of Addappt is the fact that the automatic contact information sync only works with others who also have the application installed. This is a fair complaint, but one that should be remedied over time as more users hop on the bandwagon. The app’s one-touch invite feature, which generates an email message to all contacts on a user’s list to download the app for themselves, makes this all the more likely. As is the fact that it’s totally free to download, of course.

Still, there are some minor stumbling blocks that could stand in the way of more widespread adoption. For one, you can only send invitations via email. There’s no text invitation or external social media support that would make the invite process more effective. Additionally, users who install the app are required to go through a two-step verification process that includes keying in a cumbersome authentication code that’s delivered via email.

But aside from this, Addappt has enough going for it to make it the address book of choice for most users. Its phone number entry fields are plentiful, and include fields for Work, Work Fax, Home Fax, Pager, and Callback. Email entry fields are also numerous, and include Home, Work, and Other. You can also personally label custom entry fields for phone or email entries. Individual ringtones are also assignable, as are groups. On the security side, Addappt also has a strict policy against sharing users’ address book information with third parties, spamming contacts, and storing data on their servers.

If you’d like your info swaps to be less of a headache, you can download the app for free at Google Play or from its developer’s site.



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