Best Windows Phone Apps: Battery Doctor Pro

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One of the most common gripes among smartphone users is poor battery life; even those with the longest-lasting phones still wouldn’t mind having their batteries live for an extra day or two. Up to this point, the desire for super-performing batteries has seemed an impossible dream. So in the meantime, app developers remain hard at work retooling and refining software intended to squeeze the most out of those tiny bricks on which we so heavily depend.

Battery Doctor ProFor Windows Phones, the latest offering to that effect is Battery Doctor Pro, which promises — for a nominal fee of $1.99 — to “defend your juice” and extend your phone’s battery life by up to 50 percent. Like many other battery-saving apps out there, it does this by putting your smartphone into automatic “seek and destroy” mode, disabling power-guzzling apps, and tweaking battery-intensive settings.

Most responsible denizens of the smartphone world might think, “Isn’t that something you can do on your own?” And yes, it is. But then again, so is mowing your lawn and ironing your clothes. There’s a reason we pay others to do what we ought to do ourselves, and that has more to do with a lack of self-awareness when performing routine maintenance than anything else. It’s just how we tick. At the end of the day, it’s a $2 investment that makes things easier without requiring any additional effort.

One of Battery Doctor Pro’s biggest benefits is its easy-to-comprehend interface that outright tells you what you’re doing wrong, especially if you’re the type that insists on cranking up the screen brightness and never closing apps when you’re done with them. This reminder comes in the form of a circular line that turns from green to red the closer you approach zero power and tells you how much battery you’ve got left.

The app also works as a live tile that you can set onto your Windows Phone home screen so you can see how your battery is doing. The readout displays how much battery power is remaining, in both percentage format and in hours and minutes. This makes it easier for you to determine what “25% remaining” really means, based on what other you’re currently running and what settings are currently engaged (e.g., GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).

Kicking the app into action requires a single screen tap that diagnoses what’s running on your device, and provides you with a short laundry list of the top battery-killers currently in action. It provides an easy-access toggle that lets you turn Wi-Fi, data, GPS, and Bluetooth off with a single tap, not requiring you to access your phone’s settings to do so.

While charging, you can run the app to take advantage of a feature called ‘Unique 3 Stage Charging,’ which lets you know when you’re good to unplug your phone from its charger, thus preventing you from under- or overcharging the device.

Battery Doctor Pro by Tap Plex works with Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 and is available in the Windows Phone app store for $1.99.



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