Samsung Focus First-Look Review

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The Samsung Focus is blazing fast, which isn’t surprising. It has a 1 GHz processor, and Microsoft created Windows Phone 7 to be quick.

Samsung Focus Windows Phone from AT&TBut you have to be aware of the trade-off Microsoft made to get this performance: this operating system does not offer multitasking. This means that if you close an app, it doesn’t continue to run in the background. It stops.

So far in my testing, this hasn’t been much of a hassle. If I am editing a Word document and switch off the check my mail, when I come back to the Office app my document is just like I left it. This is even true for Internet Explorer: if I’m entering something in a text box when switch away, when I come back my partially-written text message is still there.

On the other hand, the AT&T U-verse video player has to initialize itself whenever you open it, which takes about 5 seconds.

Business and Entertainment
I’ve read reviews of Windows Phone 7 that describe it as being useless for business people, which makes no sense to me. I set the Focus up to synchronize with my company’s Exchange Server so I have my email, contacts, and calendar.

And the new version of Microsoft Office Mobile is quite good. I have a .doc file that I consider average — lots of formatting but not overly so. The version of Word Mobile handled it just fine.

That said, it’s clear that Microsoft has targeted Windows Phone 7 much more at consumers than Windows Mobile was. Its address book is heavily integrated with Facebook, for example.

And, of course, this operating system works with both Microsoft’s Zune music and video service as well as the Xbox Live gaming service.

There will be much more on the software that comes with this device in the full review.

I’m going to have to do more testing with the Samsung Focus’ 5 megapixel camera before I render a full judgment, but so far all the pictures I’ve taken seem to be a bit muddy. And subjects are blurry if they move at all.

Battery Life
An area where I couldn’t be happier is battery life. As I’ve said, I’ve only had this smartphone for a couple of days, which isn’t enough time to be able to say anything definite in this area, but my preliminary tests are very positive.

The Focus is lasting a very long time on a single charge. Certainly more than a day with light to moderate usage.


Despite my brief time with the Samsung Focus, I could easily see myself using this as my phone. So far I like virtually everything about this device, hardware and software.

Keep your eyes peeled for a more in-depth review of this new device as well as Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system.


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