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Android-Based T-Mobile G1 Gets Third-Party Tethering App
by Ed Hardy -  3/17/2009

PdaNet has been allowing users to share their smartphones' wireless Internet connection with a laptop for years, and now there's a version for the T-Mobile G1.

This tethering software allow users to make use of the G1's 3G cellular-wireless access with a PC running Microsoft Windows. It can also be used at add Wi-Fi access to a laptop.

PdaNet is an application that runs on the Android smartphone and a separate one for the Windows computer. Unlike a previous tethering solution for the G1, it doesn't require root access or hacking the phone's firmware in order to work.

[click to view image]At this point, this solution requires the G1 and the PC to be connected by a USB cable. (This also charges the phone.) To create an Internet connection, the user just clicks on the PdaNet tray icon and the PC will go online.

Pricing and Availability
PdaNet for Android is currently available as a public beta. It will be free until the full version is released.

To learn more, or to download PdaNet for Android, visit the June Fabrics website.


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