A First Glimpse of All HTC’s Upcoming Android and Windows Mobile Models

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A roadmap with what appears to be every smartphone that HTC has in development has leaked out of the company. This includes at least one Android-based model, and a number of devices likely to Windows Mobile.

Unfortunately, the source for these models, a leak to DIYPDA.com, has only some low-resolution images, code-names, and sometimes the carrier the device is intended for. The operating system is only specified in a few cases, and target release dates are unknown.

HTC HeroAndroid

The only smartphone on the list that definitely runs Google’s Android OS has the code-name Hero.

The image shows a model that greatly resembles the HTC Dream — which is being sold as the T-Mobile G1 — but without a built-in keyboard. Presumably, this device would will take advantage of the on-screen keyboard that Google is reportedly close to adding to Android. 

Earlier unconfirmed reports have spoken of a second Android-based model from HTC that will supposedly debut in the first or second quarter of this year.

HTC Topaz and Citrine = HTC Touch Diamond II?

HTC TopazA device on this list might be the successor to the HTC Touch Diamond, as the HTC Topaz has a design similar to this Windows Mobile device.

There are multiple editions of this smartphone. One is definitely headed for AT&T, another is likely intended for Europe, a third is for Verizon, and a fourth is for Sprint.

Of course, this is supposition based heavily on the Topaz’s physical resemblance to the Diamond. One of the few differences between these two is the missing D-pad on the Topaz. Not all of the versions have the faceted backpanel of the Diamond, though.

The HTC Touch Pro II?

HTC RhodiumThis leaked list has a number of models that might add up to the successor to the HTC Touch Pro.

These devices — with the code-names Rhodium, Barium, and Tungsten — have a tablet design with a landscape-oriented keyboard that can slide behind the display.

Some of these models are labeled as headed for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile — European and USA.

If these are the successors to the various HTC Touch Pro versions, then this company appears to be moving away from including D-pads on its Windows Mobile Pro models.

Other Windows Mobile

HTC MapleThere are five devices on this list that can definitely be identified as running Windows Mobile, as they are either listed as successors to earlier models or details have already leaked out about them.

The HTC Maple will apparently be the successor to the HTC Excalibur, better known  at the T-Mobile Dash. Like its predecessor, this will will have a tablet shape with a thumb-keyboard below its display (see image at right). It will likely run Windows Mobile Standard, the edition of this operating system for devices without touchscreens.

Also on the list are the HTC Willow and HTC Cedar. These have the same general shape as the HTC Maple, and could be variations on it, but there’s nothing on the leaked list to say that.

HTC ThothThe successor to the HTC Athena  — AKA the HTC Advantage series — will apparently be the HTC Thoth. It will use the same general shape as the current model: a tablet with a large display and a detachable keyboard (see image at left).

This will almost certainly be a high-end model loaded with features like a great deal of internal storage… and a hefty price tag.

One model listed is the HTC Whitestone, which will almost certainly be the replacement for the HTC Touch HD, which is code-named the Blackstone.

This image shows a device that greatly resembles the current version, but with the inclusion of a stand (see here), not surprising on a multimedia-oriented smartphone.

Also on this leaked list is the HTC Iolite, the first details of which leaked out last week (see here)

The HTC Magnet is described as being the Iolite II, so will clearly be a Windows Mobile model.

And More

HTC MemphisThere are a number of additional devices on this list that can’t be identified as either Windows Mobile or Android.

Among these are the HTC Memphis, which has a tablet shape with a landscape-oriented keyboard (see image at right). Its design is somewhat similar to the the HTC Rhodium et. al. but it’s different enough to not seem part of the same series. It could easily be another Android model, as it appears to have a track-pad on its front. 

Another mystery model is the Sapphire. This looks a great deal like the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1, but without the sliding keyboard. Below the screen could be either a trackball or a D-pad.

Whichever operating system this device runs, it is apparently headed for Vodafone, T-Mobile, and DoCoMo.

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