A Mobile Helping Hand

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As I sit here on the day we in the US set aside to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I am reminded that sometimes, we need someone on the front lines to fight a fight for us, so that things are better for everyone as a whole. And while owning and operating a PDA is nowhere near the importance of breaking wrongful social actions towards a group, I do understand today, having had a phone call where I helped someone configure a Bible reader for their Treo, that there needs to be those people who are willing to fight for better programs, better and more complete features, and essentially better devices, for the betterment of all who would use that technology.

I kind of imagine that there are many of us who come here and read who are waiting to try the next device or piece of software because it is there; because it is what we do to fulfill a need to see mobile technology meet a goal of being the best tool possible for us. But what then do we do when we get to that point where we are happy with our devices, where we do not want to download and install everything that comes out? I imagine that for some, they go out and buy a new device. For me personally, that isn’t an option. I am left with a device that has fit into my life in such a way that I can now use it to show someone else the benefits and drawbacks of being mobile.

Back to that phone call I was on earlier today:
The person that I was speaking to wanted to download and install a bible reader program, but found that the manual was too difficult to understand for the one thing he was trying to do. He contacted me via email, as I am one of the forum moderators for that program, and asked if I could help him along. The email conversation got in depth such that we swapped phone numbers and then he called with the issues that he had and I did my best to walk him through the process. Little did I know, this person was not so much doing this for their benefit, but he was giving a Treo to someone else, and wanted to be able to help them set it up for optimal functionality. In effect, I became a mobile helpdesk as I went from talking in Outlook email to talking on my Treo while at a TMobile Hotspot helping this person in a different side of the country. When we got off the phone, I had not finished with him, but I had this job about me that I was finally able to take all that I have gotten with learning and writing about PDAs and mobile technology, and share a solution with someone, not just a device.

Now don’t give me a strange look, I am not saying that we need to all become tech-know-it-alls and serve as the help desk for the world. There is really not enough time in the day to do that. What there is time in the day for is sharing with someone who has a need that there is a solution to the way that they are working, and it might be with mobile technology, it might not.

I feel that as a user, I am finally getting the point of what I heard a representative of Palm say a long time back (and they still), “we are not trying to make the perfect device, but the perfect solution…” I get it. There really isn’t a perfect device out there. There is a solution out there that works though. And while not an answer for everyone who wants one, websites such as BargainPDA help you to find that solution for you, and then to also share that with someone who might not have visited here. You never know, you might just share a dream of your perfect device with someone that liberates them from the desk just long enough to change the world.



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