COMPUTEX: Asus A636 GPS PDA (lots of pics)

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We flew to the other side of the world to take a few pictures of the new ASUS MyPal A636 built-in GPS PDA.  Why?  For your benefit and because we had nothing better to do.

The Asus 636 Pocket PC with integrated GPS (view larger image)

Check out the above shot of the Asus A636, I encourage you to view the larger image.  Apparently they’ve been putting this device through the ringers at Acer because it looks pretty beat-up with the paint coming off of the edges.  But the Asus rep assured me looks don’t matter and the device runs great (it’s in a glass case so I couldn’t confirm that).  Oh, and when it’s sold new the paint will actually be finished and not crumbling off.

Asus A636 Dummy (aka cardboard mockup) with specs (view larger image)

Asus MyPal A636 Specs

  • Intel PXA 272 312, 416 or 520 MHz device (they’re not totally sure yet)
  • 3.5″ TFT screen, QVGA
  • GPS built-in
  • Bluetooth 1.2
  • WiFi 802.11b
  • SD slot (or maybe mini-SD, but likely not)
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Memory ?

Above I ripped a mockup device off of its stand to take a picture next to the available specs, I wasn’t supposed to because the rep kind of ran over and took it off of me, but they were only using masking tape to hold it to the stand so how was I supposed to know?  Notice in the specs that it says 312 or 416 MHz Intel processor.  To be honest I don’t think they really know what processor it will have yet, another person told me 520MHz.

Rats, we already have our first complaint before we’ve even thought about reviewing it, the headphone jack is on the bottom and not the top.  C’mon Asus, move it to the top before it’s released, so what if all the GPS antenna and internals are in the way up there (view larger image)

The top of the Asus A636 (or the left handside if it’s in landscape mode) (view larger image)

Left side of the dummy Asus A636, notice it says “Mini SD” on the card slot but in the specs it says SD, seems like another case of specs confusion (view larger image)

Back of the mockup A636 device, not much interesting here, so (no larger image)

I asked about a release date and Asus said likely late fall for Asia and next year for the USA.  It took them a long time to get the A730 device out ( A730 Review) after announcing it, so hopefully they’re faster with this one.  It looks nice, and GPS is a great integrated application to have with PDAs of course.  MiTAC also released their new Mio169 Pocket PC / GPS integrated device a couple of weeks ago and had that at the show, we’ll cover that in an upcoming article.  Here’s a couple of pics of Taipei and the show for a closer.

The Taipei 101 (yes, it’s 101 stories tall) building is next to the Taipei Convention Center, it towers over you and is rather impressive.  It’s got a nice 5-story shopping mall on the lower levels (view larger image)

There were so many scantily clad girls representing various tech companies it was hard to ever really pay attention to the gadgets (definitely view larger image)



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