Flashback – July at BargainPDA.com

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With little PDA related excitement coming into the holiday, we thought it might be fun to dust off the archives and bring you some of the old PDA news from July 2001-04.

First Thoughts – HP iPaq rz1715   (2004)
The HP rz1715 came out a year ago and our team didn’t think much of it. In this first thoughts article, Adama said, “At this point, I have no words to describe how unimpressed I am with the rz1715. It offers no advantages over its competitors, and has almost no advantage over its own predecessor, the h1935–a unit months older and $80 cheaper.” The full review didn’t get any better and HP’s PDA operations haven’t improved much.

Motorola Finally Announces MPx220 (pics)   (2004)
Moto announced the MPx220, one success in a line of Smartphone related failures for them. The MPx200 hasn’t been updated though nearly a year later.

Sony Vaio U50 Review   (2004)
Sony released a thin and very light notebook/tablet/PDA type device that we were able to borrow from an importer for review. The device has since been relesed in the US but has gained little traction. We still give Sony a lot of credit on the design and manufacture of such a piece of hardware.

Mini Review – Palm Tungsten T2   (7/27/2003)
The Tunsten T2 came out in 2003 and featured a whopping 32MB RAM. Not a huge upgrade over the Tungsten T, it laid the groundwork for the very popular T5.

Samsung M400 Pocket PC Phone With Integrated Television on Display   (7/26/2003)
Sigh, we’re still waiting to see TV on a PDA.

Gateway 100X Pocket PC Delayed   (7/23/2003)
Gateway narrowly avoided certain disaster with the 100X. They nearly released it, which would have led to countless dollars lost. They’ve made no PDA overtures in 2 years.

In depth – Sony Clie UX50   (7/18/2003)
Well, we didn’t know it at the time, but Sony was nearly done with PDAs. The UX50 broke a ton of new ground though, and aside from the tiny screen, I really enjoyed that PDA. Man, where has innovative design gone?

First Thoughts – Sony Clie NX80V   (7/17/2003)
I had this to say at the time and still stand by it, “ It’s hard to describe how densely feature-packed this little thing is; I’m still a little bit in awe. I can certainly understand why many people swear by the Clie clamshell line. I’ve yet to find any real structural defects in the NX80 or any of it’s accessories. Everything seems well built and functional.”

Review – Toshiba e350 & e355 Pocket PC   (7/3/2003)
Man, remeber when adding SDIO was a massive upgrade?

More Clie’s From Sony: PEG-SJ20 and PEG-SJ30   (7/27/2002)
There was a time when Sony thought releasing a PDA every month was a good strategy. Obviously it wasn’t, but at least we had more to talk about back then.

It’s A(nother) new Treo from Handspring   (7/9/2002)
Handspring really had it going for a while. The Treo line single handedly saved their company, until it was bought by Palm, and is now saving Palm. The Treo 300 was great, except for all the face oil buildup on the cover. Bleck.

REVIEW: HandEra 330   (7/19/2001)
Still one of the most innovative PDAs ever (for its time), poor distribution killed the Mid-Western company.

Toshiba entering PDA market   (7/16/2001)
Toshiba got in, and got out while making a little bit of noise along the way.

Oh well, that was fun. If you want to take your own stroll down memory lane, visit our news archives. Just don’t venture too far back, our first year was full of growing pains.




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