Future Cell Phones and PDAs May Include TV Tuners

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It’s no secret that PDA accessory manufacturers are working on ways to bring broadcast television to your handheld. iBIZ, Sony and others are all actively pursuing this technology. The quest for integrated mobile TV took one giant step toward reality recently, as NEC is demoing a cell phone with TV tuner.

According to a report from ZDNET Japan, NEC will bring a product of this nature to market at some point in 2005. Here’s the translation from Babelfish:

The television receiver was recorded before the portable telephone finally. NEC technology as for the experimental model which was developed, builds in the antenna and the tuner et cetera inside the W-CDMA terminal, consecutively TV viewing in 1 hour has become possible.

NEC July 10th, announced that the experimental model of the portable telephone which loads the receiver of ground wave digital television broadcast was developed. The ISDB-T (domestic terrestrial digital television broadcast standard) it can conform, can receive 1 segmented broadcast for the carrying reception. The UHF antenna, the UHF tuner and recovery Lsi et cetera of the OFDM, are built in to the W-CDMA terminal, it is the portable telephone independent and it can look at TV broadcast.

As for the antenna of W-CDMA built-in. The UHF antenna of the cylinder shape is attached. On reverse side of the liquid crystal where the camera and sub display enter with general carrying, module related to TV you insert

Present continual TV viewing time 1 hour is strong. At NEC, TV viewing 1 hour, telephone call time 1 hour electric power consumption conversion is assured to the target, low. As for price when merchandising, ” as a line-up of present carrying strange price. Rise of 6000 Yen and 7000 Yen spoke with one standard “. This time it is technical development, but we have assumed we would like to merchandise 2005 years in aim.

” Aim of the hardware was visible ”

Ground wave digital broadcast in the December this year in 3 metropolitan areas of Tokyo & Nagoya & Osaka as the TV broadcast which is substituted to present analog broadcast, start of broadcast. Even at other areas the service which plans complete movement in 2011 including broadcast by 2006.

With the digital broadcast which used OFDM irregularity, there is a feature such that clear broadcast can be received even with Mobile equipment such as portable telephone.

As for NEC concerning the uniting z to the portable telephone of the terrestrial digital broadcast televising vessel, ” hardware aim was visible “, you say. ” (For Mobile) several there is about it has not been decided in ground wave digital broadcast. It shows the fact that mono it can do basically, makes argument activate, would like to merchandise quickly ”

* For Mobile of ground wave digital broadcast as for broadcast, decision is late in comparison with the SDTV and the HDTV. According to the general affairs ministry as for starting in December the SDTV (4: 3) With HDTV (16: 9) At only 2 size, as for for Mobile broadcast time has not been visible. It completes preparation as an administration, but you say ” the midst when still compressed system and the like is examined with people ” is.

The latest experimental model built in the necessary device tried to be able to see ground wave digital broadcast entirely, portable telephone as a single unit. In the base, recovery Lsi of the antenna / the tuner and the OFDM of UHF (the NEC electron device make) it loaded the 3g terminal which corresponds to the W-CDMA as one module. As for thickness of module 2 millimeters. ” It does not rework to the existing part of carrying. The antenna and the tuner were mounted in a way, sub board ” (NEC)

After recovering, as for processing such as MPEG-4 decoding, the platform of the portable telephone does the OFDM. Also function as a portable telephone maintains, can respond also the arrival which is in the midst of TV viewing.

As for the experimental model, as for the MPEG-2 and image encoding the Simple Profile of the MPEG-4 was used in the multiplexing system, (with ground wave digital broadcast you use what kind of system in image encoding, it has not been decided). As for resolution of image SQVG (160 120). It loads also channel scan function and the like. With demonstration, image was done in the terminal through the indoor antenna from the irregularity machine of the OFDM. With 300Kbps strongly bandwidth, image the 160Kbps and sound 48kbps monaural

As for theme as a hardware electric power consumption

Largest theme destined for merchandising is electric power consumption. The experimental model has loaded the battery which is equal to usual carrying, the battery is cut off in continual viewing 1 hour of the TV. ” After looking at the TV, we would like to guarantee the battery remaining amount as a portable telephone. TV viewing 1 hour + telephone call 1 hour important matter of minimum ” (NEC)

At the same company, battery capacity itself does not extend to substantial, we see, ” to electric power consumption would like to convert low with improvement of algorithm of the device and the software ” you say. The experimental model exceeds 150 milliwatts with the tuner and OFDM recovery Lsi.

For Mobile as for ground wave digital broadcast, image of QVGA size the possibility that it becomes the specification which per second is indicated with 15 frames. Furthermore the decoding throughput increases from the experimental model, even electric power consumption becomes harsh. In addition, in order to indicate the wide TV picture in the wide portable picture, concerning the form of the portable telephone it is necessary to reconsider.

Even then, will the ground wave digital broadcast televising vessel probably be recorded before the portable telephone as expected? With it is large to be able to eradicate the doubt which is said. By the thought of the broadcast enterprise and the like, standard has not been decided yet, for Mobile which either start time is not clear it is ground wave digital broadcast, but ” as for the hardware by the fact that what it is possible ” is shown, start of early stage is expected.



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