Handspring releases new mail program for the Treo (Beta)

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Dear Lord, I’m glad this is a beta, because it’s one of the worst email clients I have ever used. Not sure where to start…I installed this morning on my work PC which is a problem. A “feature” of this program is that it only lets you check email on the host computer. So, you want to check a POP account from home, you can’t, unless you sync your Treo at home. Even then, the host PC must be running your PC’s email client at the time. Yes, you can still check web mail Yahoo, Hotmail), but you can only use one email account with this program (They may resolve this in the production version). I still had to use my dial-up connection with the Treo, so I really see little to no value here.

The program that comes for free (they will be charging for Treo Mail) suites me just fine, even though there have been a few hiccups. Treo mail also provides a website where you can log in to see really useful things like the last time you received or sent an email. Gosh, I wish I always had those stats close at hand. I only send 50 emails a day! Sorry to rant, but Handspring is making a huge deal over a worthless piece of software. Here’s their full release:

Treo Mail is:

Compatible: Uses your existing email account comes in Corporate Edition, which accommodates email accounts behind a corporate firewall, or Internet Edition for email accounts from your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
NOTE: With Corporate Edition, your computer MUST be turned on and connected to the network or Treo Mail cannot be delivered to your communicator. So if you take your laptop home, you won’t get your email. Want to access your email even when your computer is off? Visto offers an enterprise solution for your company, called the Visto Mobile Access Solution, Server Edition.

Synchronized: Integrates with your existing Microsoft Outlook/Exchange accounts (Corporate Edition only) so when you do email, you do it once

  • Forward messages with attachments from your communicator
  • Read/unread status and deletions from your communicator are reflected on your desktop computer

Secure: Delivers email to and from your Treo communicator using 128-bit SSL encryption

  • Easier to set up and use than a VPN
  • More secure than dialing into your corporate network

Economical: Flexible delivery options allow you to minimize airtime charges and delivery time

  • Filters may be set to screen out messages you don’t want delivered to your communicator
  • You can opt to have the entire message delivered or have it truncated to save memory (the complete message will still be available in your desktop computer’s email inbox)
  • Messages are compressed by up to one third
  • Choose whether to have messages delivered automatically or manually
  • Email is stored on your communicator for convenient access when you’re offline

Designed for Treo: Takes full advantage of your Treo communicator’s many innovative features

  • Makes it easy to address your email just find the name in your Treo PhoneBook and select the email address
  • Uses the Treo keyboard and rocker switch for navigating and composing messages
  • Formats messages for the Treo communicator’s organizer-sized screen so you’ll see more of your message than you would on smaller mobile phone screens



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