HP Readies New iPAQs (Updated)

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Although they have not yet been officially unveiled, evidence continues to mount that HP plans to release a number of new Pocket PCs later this month.

Online retailers CDW.com and Ace Photo & Digital have jumped the gun a bit and are now taking pre-orders for five iPAQs that HP hasn’t announced yet: the rz1715, rx3415, rx3715, h6315, and hx4705. Descriptions of most of these models are also given.

iPAQ rz1715

Previously, it was thought the rz1715 wouldn’t debut until this fall. However, it is listed on CDW.com as being available in 1-2 weeks.

And this isn’t the only area where the information given by these online retailers differs with previous rumors. In fact, the retailers disagree with the older rumors on almost every particular.

HP iPAQ rz1715 According to the retailers, the rz1715 will run Windows Mobile for Pocket PC. Some of the other new iPAQs listed make it clear that they will use the Second Edition of this operating system, which Microsoft released this spring, but the descriptions of the rz1715 makes no mention of this.

This upcoming iPAQ will reportedly use a 203 MHz Samsung 2410 processor. The full amount of RAM on this device isn’t known, but just 25 MB of it will be available to the user, plus a 10 MB File Store.

The rz1715 will be 4.5 inches tall, 2.75 inches wide, and 0.5 inches thick (114 mm by 70 mm by 13.4 mm). It will weigh 4.2 ounces (120 g).

It appears virtually certain that the earlier rumors that this will be a dual-slot model were incorrect. Instead, this appears to be a low-cost “no-frills” device with only a single SD/MMC card slot. It will also lack any kind of wireless networking.

The size of the QVGA display is reportedly 3.5 inches.

The price given by both online retailers for the iPaq rz1715 is roughly $280.

iPAQ rx3000 Series

HP iPAQ rx3415 CDW.com and Ace Photo & Digital have listings for two models in the iPAQ rx3000 series: the rx3415 and the rx3715. These models received FCC approval last month, so there is little new to learn about them. The details given by the online retailers agree with all the information in the FCC filing.

Both of these models will run the Second Edition of Windows Mobile for Pocket PC. They will use a Samsung S3C 2440 chip, but the processor speed for either model is not yet known. It is likely the rx3715 will have a faster processor than its less expensive series-mate.

HP iPAQ rx3715 The major difference between these two models that is known at this time is the amount of RAM. The rx3715 will have 152 MB of memory available to the user, while the rx3415 will have 56 MB of user-accessible RAM.

These models will include both Bluetooth 1.1 and Wi-Fi (802.11b) wireless networking. They will also each have a 1.3 megapixel camera and an SD slot.

Pre-orders are being taken for the iPAQ rx3415 at $400, while the iPaq rx3715 is going for $500.

Much more information on these two Pocket PCs is available in this article.

iPAQ h6315

HP iPAQ h6300 Another one of these upcoming models that has already received FCC approval is the iPAQ h6315, which will be the first HP handheld to offer built-in GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. All the details given by CDW.com on this model agree with the information filed with the FCC.

It will run Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC on a 200 MHz TI OMAP 1510 processor. The h6315 will include 64 MB of RAM, of which 55 MB will be user accessible. Some of its ROM will also be available to the user for additional storage.

According to CDW.com, the price for this cellular-wireless Pocket PC will be $599.99.

A complete overview of the iPAQ h6315 is available in this article.

iPAQ hx4705

The hx4705 will be the first iPAQ ever to include a 4-inch VGA display. As this model will use Windows Mobile Second Edition, this screen can be easily switched between portrait and landscape modes.

HP iPAQ hx4705 This device is expected to have 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of ROM. This unusual arrangement, with far more ROM than RAM, will allow the hx4705 to have an 80 MB iPAQ File Store. This is non-volatile memory, which means it won’t be erased if the device undergoes a hard reset.

The hx4705 will include both 802.11b and Bluetooth 1.2 wireless networking, as well as a CompactFlash slot and an SD/MMC slot that supports SDIO. It will come with a cradle.

This iPAQ won’t have a D-pad. Instead, it will have a small touchpad below the screen intended to be used with a fingertip.

It will be 5.2 inches tall, 3.0 inches wide, and .6 inches thick (131 mm by 77 mm mm 15 mm). It will weigh 6.6 ounces (186.7 g).

Despite all its wireless networking capabilities, this model has not received FCC approval, a necessary step before it can be released in the U.S.

Both the online retailers are taking pre-orders for the iPAQ hx4705 at roughly $650.

Thanks to James and Heda for the tips.

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