I Will Not Stand For Poor Service Why I Will Never Buy From Buy.com Again

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On Saturday I excitedly posted about the fact that Buy.com had the new Garmin iQue 3600 in stock and shipping. I went on to say that I had placed my order with overnight shipping and was expecting it, worst-case on Tuesday. It s now Wednesday and I won t be getting the iQue 3600 from Buy.com any time soon. Turns out the unit was out of stock and they didn t think it was appropriate to let me know. Here’s the whole story…


To bring you fully up to speed, here s how it went down:


3 weeks ago

– I signed up for stock notification with Buy.com.


Saturday Afternoon

-Buy.com sends out an email telling me the Garmin iQue 3600 is in stock.

-I place my order and post my excited news blurb.

-Email confirmation of order is delivered.






-Hoped for early delivery, but knew it wouldn t show up. It didn t.



-Both FedEx and UPS guys came to the office, none with packages for me, fuming began.

-Logged into my account on Buy.com noticed my order had been sent to warehouse.

-Assumed this was a good thing, put of cursing at Buy.com for another day.


Tuesday Night

-Stuck in traffic, wished I had the GPS to play with, began cursing Buy.com again.



-UPS guy and some new FedEx woman came to my office, again neither with a package for me.

-Went to Buy.com s site in a severe rage. Logged into account to check order status: sent to warehouse.

-Still angry, attempted to call customer support, which you can no longer do, unless you want to shell out $9.95 per incident. Rage continues to climb.

-Only course of action was to send an email, which I did.


Wednesday Afternoon

-Waited for response to email.


Wednesday Late Afternoon

-Received email saying the item was backordered and I could feel free to cancel my order, took 4 hours to get the response.

-Wanted to yell at someone, but didn t want to spend $10 to do it.

-Visited http://www.GPSNow.com to order the Garmin. Was scared by their site design, but ordered anyway on the recommendation of someone who posted in our forums. Turns out the unit was the same exact price as Buy.com, $479.

-Sent them an email to make sure they got the order and all was good.

-Received an email back within minutes letting me know the order was going to be shipped today and they would follow-up with a tracking number.

-I rejoice in the news that I will get the Garmin tomorrow.

-I proceed to cancel my order with Buy.com via their site.


Wednesday Night

-GPSNow sends me a tracking number for my order, it has already started on its journey to me.

-Buy.com sends me an email informing me my order is temporarily delayed, 4 hours after I cancelled the order on their site.

-I laugh at Buy.com s idiocy and am content in the knowledge that my Garmin will appear tomorrow.


Fancy online tools that let me check the status or orders are neat. A little flash application that guides me through finding information is cool. 4+ hour response times to email and charging $10 for a phone call are poor. These days service is the name of the game. Sure, price is important, but being taken care of is crucial. Buy.com has forgotten how to take care of their customers. I don t think this happened overnight, as I ve not shopped with them for a while, but my latest experience has been so bad that I will never buy from them again.



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