iPAQ h6300 May Get a Name Change

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Recently, a couple of announced iPAQ Models were listed on HP’s web site. Now, one of these has been changed, possibly indicating that this model’s name will not be what was expected.

Last week, there were references on the HP site to the iPaq hx4700 and the iPAQ h6300. There was nothing particularly surprising about these, as there have been numerous leaks about both these models.

However, recently something unusual has happened. The listing on HP’s support web site for the h6300 has disappeared, and a new listing for the iPAQ Pocket PC rw6100 series has been added.

What Does this Mean?

One explanation for this is that HP has discovered the accidental mention of a handheld it hasn’t officially announced yet and removed it. At the same time, a new model has mistakenly been added to the list.

However, there are a few reasons that make this unlikely.

First off, this is the first reference to the rw6100 to have appeared anywhere. Rumors have described no less than seven iPAQs expected to be released this year, none of which will be named the rw6100. If this was a different upcoming handheld, some mention of it would almost certainly have leaked out by now.

Second, the reference to the iPaq hx4700 has not been taken off HP’s site. If HP had realized it made a mistake by mentioning the h6300 and taken it down, it surely would have done the same with the hx4700, as they both appeared on the same page. And it seems most unlikely that a reference to yet a third unannounced model would then be added to this page.

Third, according to the leaked descriptions of upcoming iPAQs, HP has changed the way it names its handhelds, and the rw6100 follows the new pattern, while the h6300 does not. Instead of all names beginning with an “h” and then a string of four numbers, its new lineup will use two letters followed by four numbers, e.g. rz1700, rx3700, and hx4700.

Also, the two names are somewhat similar. If HP had decided to make the h6300 series fit its new pattern for naming iPAQs, it could have come up with rw6100.

With these reasons in mind, it seems much more likely that the h6300 series has been renamed the rw6100 series.

Still, this can’t be said to be definite. There is ample evidence that HP has intended to call this model the iPAQ h6300 for a long time. That is the name used when this handheld was submitted to the FCC for approval. Recently, a mention of the h6315 showed up on the T-Mobile web site.

Further evidence is needed before this question can be answered definitively.

An Overview of this Cellular-Wireless Model

h6300 -- Click for Larger Image Whatever it ends up being named, this will be the first cellular-wireless iPAQ ever released. This Pocket PC will be focused on communication, and it will also include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It is the only upcoming iPAQ that will run the original version of Windows Mobile 2003, not the Second Edition, though an update is expected a few months after the device is released.

The exact pricing and release date for this device depends on the wireless carriers who will be offering it.

More information on this iPAQ is available in this article.

Thanks to iPAQabilities for the tip.

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