Latest Tungsten T5 Documents Likely Fake (Updated)

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It is virtually certain that palmOne is going to introduce the Tungsten T5 in the near future. However, this company has done a remarkably good job of keeping any pictures of this model from leaking out. This has lead to several hoaxes. At least one fake picture has successfully fooled a lot of people, and now it looks like someone else has attempted to do the same thing.

An anonymous source has sent to PDA 24/7 what are supposedly a set of PowerPoint slides on the T5. However, as PDA 24/7 points out, there are numerous reasons to believe that this is a hoax.

Possibly the Tungsten T5 First off, the picture of the handheld is one that has been circulating for some time (see image at left). It is essentially a Tungsten E with a HiRes screen pasted onto it, and when it first emerged it was supposed to be a leaked picture of the Tungsten E2.

Second, the remaining slides contain a number of obvious errors. For example, at one point, it contains a reference to “PalmOne,” when the correct name is “palmOne.” The image of the Get Started Guide has a picture of the Tungsten T3 on the cover, not the supposed T5. And these are just a few of the problems.

Update: Neil Brown from PDA 24/7 has contacted Brighthand to say that someone he is “very much inclined to believe” told him that the PowerPoint slides and the information they contain are genuine. The source says the mistakes in the slides are the result of laziness on the part of the marketing people who made it up the presentation.

Not Everything is a Hoax

While there has been a lot a fake information floating around about the Tungsten T5, there’s can be no doubt this model, and the Treo 650, will be announced by palmOne in the near future.

The latest evidence for this can be found in the inventory database of J&R. A search on this retailers web site for “Tungsten T5” and “Treo 650” turns up several accessories for these devices.

Of course, the most compelling evidence came over the weekend, when palmOne’s official web store accidentally had a reference to both the Tungsten T5 and the Treo 650.

Some people continue to believe that palmOne will also unveil a Tungsten E2 at the same time as these other models. However, there has been no solid evidence to support this. For example, a search on the J&R web site for “Tungsten E2” does not turn up anything.

What Is Known about the T5

There is little definitive information available on the Tungsten T5 at this point.

Sources who claim to have seen this device say it will not use the sliding design that has been a hallmark of the Tungsten T series since the original model. It will therefore be thinner and longer than its predecessors.

Supposedly, it will have a unique memory set-up. It will have 256 MB of memory and use Flash ROM chips instead of RAM. This means that all the data stored will be able to survive an accidental hard reset.

According to one source, the T5 won’t have built-in Wi-Fi, but it almost certainly will be able to use palmOne’s Wi-Fi SD card. It will reportedly include Bluetooth, as all of palmOne high-end models have for some time.

Based on the fact that this device uses a cradle designed specifically for it, it’s likely that the T5 won’t use the Palm Universal Connector. Instead it will have a USB port, allowing it to be mounted by desktops as a removable drive.

According to a listing in the inventory database of one of the major electronics retailers, the Tungsten T5 will sell for $400.

What the Rumors Say about the Treo 650

Last month, several pictures and some additional details of palmOne’s next smartphone were leaked to TreoCentral.

According to this source, the Treo 650 will be quite similar to the current Treo in size and shape, but will include a HiRes screen, a better camera, and Bluetooth.

Additional information and a picture of this smartphone are available in this article.

If palmOne holds to tradition, it will announce its new fall handhelds and smartphones on October 1. the Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 are expected to debut at this time.

Thanks to 1src for the tip.

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