Life Spoken in Treo

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The last time that I came here with an article, Brighthand was not so mingled with a Bargain. And yet, even as I have watched two large PDA communities come together and speak something just a little bit different, I too am thinking and seeing life a little bit different since writing my last article about living with my Treo 650 as my main computer.

Some Words Still the Same

Back when I initially wrote about the usage patterns and mindset that had to change/adapt because I would be using a PDA more than other computer types, I was not so much under the impression that I would interact with the world differently, just that I would have to change what I was using to interact with my world. Sadly, this isn’t the case. I have had to not only change my windows, but even the doors that I used to walk through.

Blazer, while seemingly getting easier to work with, still frustrates me when trying to browse some simple pages. The fact that I cannot even do banking with it is a major downer (although I found out that it was not because of Blazer but because of the site creators made things a little better). I have found myself wanting more from simple applications, and wagering stability on trying others (usually opting for stability and a work-reflow). Yet I’m really finding that for when I need to do tasks, the core applications on my Treo do well.

The main applications I use on my Treo are: Chapura’s KeySuite, Palm Bible+, Splash Money and Splash Blog, Mo:Blog, Documents to Go, Pocketcraft’s Facer 3, My Little Tank, VersaMail, and my new favorite Quick News.

So while I do have my moments of thinking that my Treo really can do anything, at the end of the day, it is usually the simple stuff that keeps me using it, and having a good ole time too.

But Some New Words Are Learned

I pretty much have the mobile data thing down. I have all eight accounts in VersaMail set up. And three of them check mail on the hour seven days a week during my waking hours. Sounds like too much, but I have grown to like the three beeps that greet me when mail has come in. Granted, I also like that even the email can be ignored just as easily. It fits, but doesn’t push itself into my life any more than it did before the Treo; I can just manage it better.

As stated before, browsing via my Treo has been a bear. I had to do something about it, and that something was not to redesign every site I visit to be mobile friendly. Some friendly advice led me to downloading the trial version of Quick News and I was hooked immediately. You see, I am in front of a computer all day. RSS is something that I have known about but never used. But on my Treo, when away from the workstation, RSS is like my new best friend. Quick News made it really easy to get setup with all my favorite news sites (30+ and growing) and stay in the know. It even works well with Blazer. Now, I know it does podcasts (so says a Brighthand review from last summer), but those are for those folks who want that kinda time. Me, just give me text and news. RSS is like a new dialect to me, and I am loving every intonation and tone.

Of course RSS hasn’t been everything. I have liked that some of the Treo-formatted sites offer downloads without the zip and HotSync. While I like syncing (and found a neat way to do so to a memory key), for me that just isn’t the way I wanna get an application. With some of these sites, it’s as simple as going to their site and downloading. This is the open-ended language the Internet should be (at least the one that speaks Treo has convinced me of this).

Open Mouths Need No Container

So while I have been for the most part adjusted to life through the words (screen) of my Treo, there are still some things that a nice update of hardware and software couldn’t solve. I like that I have been able to travel with those needed things in my life anywhere. And using my Treo as a pseudo-GPS has made traveling to some new places not so harrowing. I do agree with some that the software has not pushed the hardware enough, but agree that an updated OS would probably solve that issue too.

I have to say that this little thing is pretty amazing. I am sure that we would get to a point where having a Treo with a 2GB SD card will be really unnecessary because we will always be connected with web servers for our needs (‘yuk’ is how I pronounce that one). But until that point, I am pretty glad to be speaking Treo. And you know, I think that there are a ton of folks out there who feel the same way about their PDA.




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