New iPAQs Now Available From Online Retailers

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On the day Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC debuted, Hewlett-Packard announced four New iPAQ Models but only one, the h2210, was immediately available. Now the remaining three can be purchased from a few online retailers.

The models just coming on the market are the iPAQ h1940, the iPAQ h5150, and the iPAQ h5550. All of these include integrated Bluetooth, transflective screens, SD slots, and (of course) Windows Mobile 2003.

A convenient place to learn what sites are carrying these new Pockets PCs is Its listing for the h1940 shows it’s in-stock at half a dozen places, with the lowest price being $385. The listing for the h5150 shows that even more places have this model in their inventory, with $525 the best price. And‘s listing for the h5550 indicates that there are several retailers with this wireless-enabled model in stock.

iPAQ h1940 Pocket PC

iPAQ h1940 Pocket PC The h1940 is the latest addition to the popular h1900 series and represents a significant improvement over the original model, the h1910. The new one has more usable memory, adds built-in Bluetooth wireless networking, and includes Pocket PC 2003 Professional.

The h1940 has 64 MB of RAM, of which 56 MB is available to the user. In addition, it has a 14 MB iPAQ File Store. Unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t use an Intel XScale processor. Instead, it has a Samsung S3C2410 running at 266 MHz. It has 32 MB of ROM.

This handheld has a 3.5-inch transflective screen. It also has an SD slot that is SDIO compatible, which means it can be used not only with memory cards but also with Wi-Fi cards, miniature digital cameras, and other such peripherals.

The h1940 is 4.46″ long, 2.75″ wide, 0.50″ thick (113.3mm by 69.8mm by 12.8mm), and weighs 4.37 ounces (124 g).

It comes with a synchronization cable, not a cradle. However, a cradle will be available separately. Also available will be a spare battery for the removable 900 mAh Lithium-ion one that comes with the device.

iPAQ h5150 Pocket PC

iPAQ h5150 Pocket PC The iPAQ h5150 is a scaled-back addition to the h5000 series. It has integrated Bluetooth wireless networking but, unlike the previous model in this series, lacks Wi-Fi and doesn’t include a biometric fingerprint scanner. It uses Pocket PC 2003 Premium.

The h5150 has 64 MB of RAM and a 4 MB iPAQ File Store. It runs a 400 MHz Intel XScale PXA255 processor and has 32 MB of Flash ROM.

One of the most significant features of this handheld is it is compatible with the many expansion packs available on the market for the iPAQ line, while many of HP’s newest models are not. In addition, it has an SDIO-compatible SD/MMC slot, which means an expansion pack isn’t the only option for peripherals.

It has a 3.8-inch transflective color screen at the standard 320 by 240 pixels. The h5150 is 5.23 by 3.3 by 0.63 inches (133 by 84 by 15.9 mm). It weighs 6.59 ounces (186.9 g).

Of course, the h5150 has the details one expects on a high-end Pocket PC, like an internal speaker and a 3.5 mm headset plug. However, it doesn’t have the vibrating alarm like its bigger brother, the h5550.

It has a 1250 mAh Lithium-Ion battery that is removable. HP is also going to offer a 2500 mAh Extended Battery as an optional accessory. Most users won’t need to buy a cradle, as one is included with the handheld.

iPAQ h5550 Pocket PC

iPAQ h5550 Pocket PC The iPAQ h5550 is an updated version of HP’s h5450. Like its predecessor, the new model has a feature set sure to warm the heart of corporate IT departments. It offers built-in 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless networking. It includes an integrated fingerprint scanner as a security measure, important to businesses worried about company secrets being stored on easily stolen handhelds.

One of the major improvements in the h5550 is in memory. It has 128 MB of RAM and a 17 MB iPAQ File Store. The file store is non-volatile, and applications and files held in it will survive a hard reset.

This handheld runs on a 400 MHz Intel XScale PXA255 processor and has 48 MB of Flash ROM.

Like the other members of the h5000 series, the h5550 uses the standard iPAQ form-factor so already-available add-on Expansion Packs, or sleeves, can be used. It also has an SDIO-compatible SD/MMC slot.

The h5550 has a 320 by 240 pixel, transflective display.

Even HP can’t squeeze all the features of this model into something as small as the h1940. The h5500 is 5.43 by 3.3 by 0.63 inches (138 by 84 by 15.9 mm) and weighs in at 7.29 ounces (206.8 g).

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