palmOne Treo 650 Revealed (pics, specs)

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We initially called it the Treo 610, well add 40 to that number and what do you get?  The Treo 650 and that’s the name we’re sticking with for the next generation Treo that will have Bluetooth, a faster processor and better screen. has posted pictures revealing this upcoming device and we can confirm its existence based on other sources that have held and seen this product.  Release date of the palmOne Treo 650?  Well, we can only conjecture that it should be sometime in the Fall of 2004, likely around October.

PalmOne Treo 650 Revealed

More Pics:

Treo 650 Top View

Treo 650 Right Side View

Treo 650 Front View With Screen Off

Treo 650 Front View With Screen On 1

Treo 650 Front View With Screen On 2

Treo 650 Back View

Treo 650 Left Side View

Everyday for the past six months ever since we posted the Treo 650 in our product database we’ve received tons of email asking for release dates, when the product could be bought, what the exact specs are and whether it was possible to trade a first born child to get ahold of the Treo 650 before its official release.  Laugh if you will, I’m not kidding.

Anyway, the Treo 650 specs aren’t too surprising and match quite close to what we posted back in January:

  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • High Resolution Screen, much better than the current 160 x 160 Treo 600
  • Better camera with 1.3 MegaPixels (current Treo 600 is VGA 640 x 480 camera)
  • Different and brighter backlighting system
  • Looks to be GSM compatible
  • Removable Battery (current Treo 600 is not)
  • Video Recording via Camera
  • Faster Processor  (not sure of the exact speed, but faster than the 144MHz processor in the Treo 600)

We’re not sure of specific specs on RAM or whether there will be built-in Wi-Fi, but more detailed specs will be forthcoming.  the Treo 650 should answer a lot of complaints that users had regarding the Treo 600.  The upgraded screen and Bluetooth are very welcome additions.  A faster processor is fantastic too, the style is very similar but a different backlighting system and removable battery add to the design.  Overall the device just looks very cool.

A couple of disappointments we should list at first glance is that none of your Treo 600 accessories will be compatible with the Treo 650.  Also, palmOne decided to stick the headphone jack on the bottom, seems like a small issue but it’s a royal pain when trying to put a device in your pocket and listen to music or audio books.  The thickness seems to be the same or maybe slightly greater than the 600, it would have been nice to see the device slimmed down but having more stuff and a removable battery might have made this hard.

And now we wait for the release, check back as we find out more about this product and the date it will hit the streets.

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