PDA and Tech Deals for 9/20/2004 – 9/22/2004

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Toshiba E400 Pocket PC only $174

Computers4Sure.com has the Toshiba e400 Pocket PC for $189 – $15 off $150 coupon code “LSC994” (Expires 10/1) = $174 with free shipping.
Product link.Get Half a Pi (1.57%) Discount at Amazon.com Just for Using A9.com

For all current and past Mathematics students that hated and never understood the purpose of Pi (3.1415…), well there’s finally some real world meaning for it to you.  Here’s a neato trick to get a Pi / 2 % discount at Amazon.com. Pi is approximately 3.1415 so 3.1415 / 2 is a 1.5708% discount.  Not much, but if you combine it with current Amazon.com sales, tax-free online shopping and Free Shipping for orders over $25 then the savings add up.  So to get this discount go to Amazon.com and make sure you’re logged in and Amazon recgonizes who you are.  Then, look for the A9.com search box on the left-hand side at the top, use this search box to do a couple of searches.  At A9.com you can do some neato stuff such as saving past searches.  After some time A9.com will actually recommend websites it thinks you might like based on past searches.

After going to A9.com click here to go to open another browser for Amazon.com and in the upper left-hand side you should see a logo advertising Pi / 2 discount:

You have to love the fact Amazon is appealing not only with a small discount but also with a bit of playfulness to the educated crowd out there

Oh, and if you’re rusty on remembering exactly what Pi is and how it’s used in calculating areas and cirumferences of circles, or just would like to learn more about where it came from, then I highly recommend this interesting book all about the History of Pi:

A History of Pi  

Palm Tungsten C Price Drop to $333

Amazon dropped the price on the Tungsten C Wi-Fi enabled PDA to $333.99.  Shipping is free and if you use the A9.com discount of 1.57% you’ll get about $5 more off. 

PalmOne Tungsten C Handheld 

SanDisk 512MB SD Card $34.98 After Rebates and Free Shipping

The price of SD memory continues to drop, so at least certain technology devices are getting cheaper as the price of gas stays high at the pump.  In fact, a 512MB card now costs less than it does to fill a car with gas. 

SanDisk SDSDB-512-A10 512 MB Secure Digital Card $34.98

palmOne Treo 600 $200 on AT&T Network

From Amazon.com, get the palmOne Treo 600 for $200 after rebates when you sign up for AT&T cell phone service.

Dell Outlet $50 Off Refurbished Axim Handhelds

Dell Outlet has a new $50 off all refurbished Dell AXIM X5 and X3 Handhelds coupon code: ZD5TN39S?HSVDK (exp 9/21). Sort by price to find the lowest price. Samples:

Dell Axim X5 400MHz 64MB RAM Handheld $196 – $50 coupon = $146
Dell Axim X3 Advanced 400MHz 32MB RAM Handheld $215 – $50 coupon = $165

BlackBerry 7230 $100 on T-Mobile Network

The RIM BlackBerry 7230 Phone is available for $100 after $150 rebates from Amazon.  This one is on the T-Mobile network

RIM BlackBerry 7230 Phone (T-Mobile) $249.99

T-Mobile Color Sidekick $50 with Free Shipping

Another Amazon.com offer here.  This time the T-Mobile Sidekick (same thing as the Hiptop).  Use the Sidekick for e-mail, AOL IM, and internet while on the go.  It’s $50 after $150 in Amazon rebates

T-Mobile Color Sidekick Phone (T-Mobile) $199.99

Madden 2005 for Palm OS $29.99

Don’t ask me how EA Sports intends to make this port from the world of video games to the Palm OS, but Madden 2005 for the Palm OS has been showing up on the preorder list of several stores of late, but EA has reported nothing on this and nor do we have any screenshots.  You can pre-order it for $29.99 from eCost.com nonetheless!

Motorola MPx200 $50 after Rebates and Free Shipping

And continuing with the Amazon.com phone deals, AMZN has the Motorola MPx200 SmartPhone for $50 after rebates.

Motorola MPx200 Smartphone – Next Generation (AT&T) $299.99

BargainPDA.com SmarterCase Coupon Code $5 Off any Purchase

The good people at SmarterCase.com have sent us a coupon code for readers of BargainPDA.com.  For the first 100 people that use the coupon code SCBPDA8 when purchasing a case from Smarter Case you’ll get $5 off of your order, check out their large and varied selection of cases:  www.smartercase.com



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