PDA News – Axim fix official, Smartphone cases, Handmark Battleship

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Dell announces fix

Confirming what we reported three days ago, Dell has made it public that the Axim/Windows Mobile 2003 glitch is fixed. Shipments resumed on the 25th, and Dell plans to clear the backlog as soon as possible. Also, the ROM update for the affected users will be released on July 30th, not the 26th as originally reported. Note that this update is only for users already running Windows Mobile 2003, and cannot be used by PocketPC 2002 users. The ROM update is a 28 MB download, so modem users should watch a movie or go walk around outside. For those who can’t or won’t download 28 MB, Dell plans to offer the ROM update on a CD, however it will be two to three weeks before that option is available.

There are essentially two schools of thought on the Axim issue. Either you hate Dell for having let the problem happen in the first place, or you love them for reacting properly and not stonewalling, even at their own expense. One must bear in mind that no quality control is perfect, and you can honestly say that there is no hardware manufacturer in the industry who has not made at least one serious mistake, most of which were much more severe than simple degraded performance. Should we expect better? Naturally. However, we also must realise that perfection is unattainable, and that an equally important measure of a company’s dedication to their customers is how they react to their errors. In Dell’s case, their reaction was fast and to the point they stopped shipments of the #4 handheld computer line in the world in order to correct an issue which did not threaten user data or the immediate salability of the machines, and had a fix within two weeks. Compared to many other manufacturers, this is an excellent record.




Covertec cases for SPV, P800, and Danger

A trio of leather smartphone cases from Covertec are here. The new cases fit the Orange SPV, the Sony-Ericsson P800, and the Danger Hiptop.



Handmark Battleship for PPC and Palm

Handmark, famous for their digitized versions of boardgame favorites Monopoly and Scrabble, have set their sights on an official version of strategy classic Battleship. The game is available from the usual retail outlets as well as from Handmark.com.



Toshiba embeds software in SD memory

In a move sure to draw criticism, Toshiba has announced plans to embed Picsel Technologies’ “Picsel Browser” and “Picsel File Viewer” programs in their newest line of SD memory cards. The agreement is intended to “enhance the Internet Browsing and File Viewing capabilities of mobile information devices.” Toshiba’s new marketing tactic raises questions about other potential embedded software in memory cards, and invokes the specter of Microsoft-style forced bundling of applications, and controls on the usage of memory cards. Whether or not it ever comes to that, the embedding of software in a Storage product is questionable at best.



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