PDA News – Better batteries, Intel’s 3D shooter, i-mate meets Skype

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Altair Nanotech claims battery breakthrough

A nanotech research company called Altair Nanotechnologies is claiming to have made a breakthrough development in Lithium-Ion battery materials that will allow for the creation of batteries with three times more power than is currently possible, for the same price, and with recharge times measuring in minutes rather than hours.

I much as I want this to be true, I’m always cynical about press release claims. They can get away with saying anything, and they generally do so.



Intel ports 3D shooter Cube to Axim X50v

Intel has ported a full-scale desktop class 3D shooter game–lock, stock, source code, and two smoking barrels–to the PocketPC. More specifically, to the Open GL ES mobile 3D standard, which is supported by the Intel 2700G 3D accelerator. And, since there is only one commercially available PocketPC using the 2700G, that means the Dell Axim X50v.

Bearing in mind that this is a first version, and completely unoptimized, Cube runs at about 15 to 25 frames per second in full VGA resolution. I haven’t gotten a chance to check it out myself yet, but I’m told that it’s spectacular, and that the screenshots can’t possibly do it justice. The game supports single and multiplayer modes, dynamic lighting, ‘geometric mipmapping’ (whatever that is), and ‘precision dynamic occlusion culling’ (I recognize the words…), all of which combine to create a desktop-class 3D environment. Because of the game’s open-source nature, it can be further improved by volunteer coders, as well as being used for the basis of other projects.

Download site at SourceForge

Older screenshots of the game


i-mate to bundle Skype VOIP software

i-mate, who resells the popular HTC lines of PocketPC phones, will begin pre-loading Skype voice-over-IP software on their new units. The internet telephony suite will be installed on their PDA2K (HTC Blue Angel) and JAM (HTC Magician) models.


nVidia tries mobile market again

nVidia is trying again to make a space for themselves in the mobile device market. The company’s latest effort, the ‘GoForce 4800’, claims 3D acceleration, TV-quality video capture, video playback, and 3+ megapixel camera support amongst its features. Despite previous efforts in the mobile market, including becoming a member of the “Palm OS Ready” program, no handheld has yet come to market using an nVidia graphics processor.




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