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Dell waffles on 2003 SE upgrades for X3, X3i

Following close on the heels of Dell’s statement that they will not offer upgrades to WM2003 SE for existing devices, the backlash may already be opening a crack in their resolve. Dell reps are apparently scrambling to add that they are a “customer oriented company” (AximSite), and some going as far as to say “As always, should we see a significant customer for demand for the update on the X3, we could revisit this position.” (Brighthand) Bad Englitch is Dell’s, not mine.


New SDIO WiFi card intended for Palm; combo cards ‘coming soon’

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Some Palm users, tired of waiting for SanDisk’s mythical WiFi drivers, have undertaken to create their own SDIO WiFi card for the Palm OS. Of course, it helps that these users happen to be hardware developers who already make an SDIO WiFi card for PocketPCs. According to the developer, they intend to have the drivers done some time in May, and will support all Tungsten models, the Zire 71, and the m500 series. No indication of pricing or availability.


Also, back when SDIO WiFi cards were first coming down the pipe, much noise was made about how SanDisk would also be making SDIO combo cards, which provided WiFi and 256 MB of memory on a single card for one-slot devices. In the ensuing saga of the Eternal Delay on SDIO WiFi cards, combo cards were more or less forgotten, or else slated for release shortly after the next visit by Halley’s Comet. Now however, according to Brighthand, the card was held up pending an update to the Windows Mobile operating system that would allow SD memory and SDIO to function at the same time, a hold-up which was about to vanish. Given that this published a couple days before the release of 2003 SE, it sounds reasonable. Now lets just see if SanDisk follows through.



WM2003 SE upgrade details from HP

Let me emphasize that this information is still partly speculative, and as such may be subject to change.

iPAQabilites cites a source close to HP in saying that HP will offer upgrades–probably free–for the iPaq 2200, 4100, 4300, 5100, and 5500 series models. Left out are the discontinued 3000 and 5400 series, as well as the 1935 and 1945 lines. iPAQabilities also has a number of other informative bits, including the fact that 2003 SE will support square screens, at 240 x 240 and 480 x 480.



Minimalist cases by Javoedge, PocketPC Techs

Javoedge is expanding their line of clear cases to include the iPaq 4100s.


Meanwhile, PocketPC Techs is testing out the intial cut of a clear flip-cover for the iPaq 2200 that works with their rubber grip replacements. One tester has posted some pictures in a thread found here:




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