PDA News – GPS based MP3, Ballshooter, PocketPC Treo?

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Location-based playlists via GPS

PocketPC code-slicer ‘pt’ has designed an application which will switch audio playlists according to location data delivered from a GPS reciever. The first words which come to my mind to describe this are bloody frelling genius. Besides the simple organizational aspects, i.e. a home playlist, work playlist, road playlist, etcetera, it opens up literally as many possibilites as you can imagine for auditory automation. Having your PocketPC remind you not to leave home without your files, location-sensitive audio notes or reminders, and playing racing songs when you hit the city limits barely scratch the surface. From the author:

as far as other reasons to attempt things like this–a lot of the time, you’ll see and hear people talking about what’s going to happen in the future, i think the best way to predict the future is to invent it, or parts of it. that said, a lot of what you don’t see are the failed ideas, but that is what makes the ideas that work happen.

I’d like to laminate that onto a card. ‘pt’ also mentioned the eventual possibility of a version of the program which could change lists based on data from a heart rate monitor–imagine an application that plays your favorite song when you’re stressed out, or slowly brings up the tempo of your music to match your workout, or delivers an audio warning to a duty officer who’s slipping towards sleep.

Unfortunately, pt’s program is not currently available for download. The current version requires him to hand-code the coordinate map, so a widespread implementation is impractical, though he has expressed some interest in starting a beta test for users in the Seattle, Washington area.

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New game from Ballshooter; 50% off existing titles

The newest game from Ballshooter is almost ready for beta-testing. Caramba! Caribbean Pirates is a turn-based strategy game featuring 20 missions, four competitors, and multiplayer gaming via hotseat, IR, or Bluetooth.

Also, Ballshooter is currently offering 50% off any of the following titles:

  • Poker Jam
  • Pocket BlockOut
  • Pipeline 2002
  • Brain Gym
  • Academic Pocket Lines

Put your items in the Handango shopping cart and use code 6C5620 to get them for 50% off.



“Nothing that would preclude” palmOne from using Windows Mobile

During a conference call on March 2nd–in response to a comment about a rather far-fetched rumor regarding a PocketPC Phone based Treo–the President and CEO of  palmOne, Todd Bradly, had this to say: “…[W]e haven’t announced any Microsoft-based products but there’s nothing that would preclude us from building one–Microsoft, Symbian, Linux, anything.”

Before anyone takes this too far, the chances of there ever being a palmOne PocketPC are so low that you would need a team of borehole-miners to find them. Besides the company’s obvious heritage, PalmSource would probably take a very dim view of their largest manufacturer offering a vote of ‘no confidence’, and would pull out all the stops to keep them from doing it. I also doubt that Microsoft would take too kindly to such a company straddling the border–we still have yet to see a major manufacturer license both Palm OS and Windows Mobile. And last but not least, palmOne is doing very well for itself in the market, and I doubt they’re at a point where they would seriously consider not just upsetting the apple-cart, but damn well juggling the thing.



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