PDA News – Hawkins talks phones, MPx220 photos & specs, New games

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PalmOne’s Jeff Hawkins talks about mobile phones

It seems like every time someone starts commenting about smartphones, things get really interesting. In this case, it’s PalmOne’s own Jeff Hawkins. From Newsweek:

Within the next few decades, he predicts, all phones will become mobile phones, all networks will be capable of receiving voice and Internet signals at broadband speeds,

Okay… nothing too crazy yet…

and all mobile bills will shrink to only a few dollars as the phone companies pay off their investments in the new networks.

Mister Hawkins… Please put down the crack pipe, and back away slowly. Sorry, but I just can’t agree with this. For one thing, mobile phone companies have no great reason to make cellular service cheaper when they’ve got customers as it is. Take a look at the billions of dollars in profit that Verizon Wireless rakes in–they could, if they wanted, drastically lower their rates. They won’t, because their sole motivation is their bottom line, and that doesn’t really change no matter what hazy future predictions you’re making. As long as customers are willing to pay their rates, they won’t reduce them on their own, and without a real nationwide competitor–which Sprint, T-Mobile and the rest don’t provide outside metropolitan areas–they have no downward pricing pressure.



Photos and specifications of MPx220 from MobilMania

MobileMania.cz seems to have gotten their hands on a Motorola MPx220 spartphone. The article itself is in Czech, but specifications speak in all tongues. The MPx220 will run Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphones on a Texas Instruments OMAP 1611 processor, with 64 MB ROM, 32 MB RAM, an SD card slot, and VGA camera. The article places standby time at 110 hours, and “talk” (transmit/recieve) time at 270 minutes, or about 4.5 hours. The MPx220 will be 90mm x 48mm x 20mm, or about 3.54 x 1.88 x 0.78 inches.



New games from PDAmill, Ballshooter

PDAmill is going for the gold yet again, now with a 3D racign game called Flux Challenge. The game is still in an open alpha test phase right now, but if it turns out to be as impressive as it looks it will be incredible.


For the life of me, I never expected to use the phrase ‘fast food simulator’. Still, there it is. Ballshooter Games refers to their new game Burgerama as an “economic puzzle” in which one must successfully climb the corporate ladder and operate a fast-food restaurant to advance.




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