PDA News – iPAQ h1910 Hard Case, More HotSpots, Tungsten C, Clie CF Card Update 2, More…

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Innopocket is now shipping an aluminum case for the iPAQ h1910

This will make a lot of 1910 owners pretty happy:

The Metal Deluxe Case for HP iPAQ Pocket PC h1910 is 100% made of anodized aircraft grade aluminum and we mold the case according to the profile of the iPAQ handheld. The neoprene lining on top, bottom and the side holds your iPAQ securely in place. The lock on the side holds the top and bottom of the case tightly together and prevents it accidentally open and get your handheld scratched. With this form-fitting metal case, it protects your iPAQ investment.

* Anodized aluminum protects your HP iPAQ Pocket PC h1910 handheld from wear & tear. * Precision molded case to perfectly fit your handheld.
* Neoprene lining holds your handheld securely in place and protects it against drops, shocks and collisions.
* Cutouts give easy access to stylus, memory slot, headphone jack, IR port, record button and charging/ synchronizaton port.
* Size: 116 x 80 x 21mm
* Weight: approx. 70g

These units sell for $30. For more information visit the product page at Innopocket.


T-Mobile has announced WiFi HotSpots are now available at all Borders Books

Borders Group Inc. and T-Mobile USA, Inc., today announced that T-Mobile HotSpot(SM) service is now available in all Borders Books & Music locations in California, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas and Washington state offering customers WiFi (802.11b) high-speed wireless broadband Internet access in more than 145 stores. By mid-June, a majority of the more than 410 Borders Books & Music stores in the U.S. will be WiFi-enabled, giving T-Mobile HotSpot customers even more convenient locations to reliably access the Internet when away from their home or office.

It doesn’t look like they’ve updated the coverage map though. I have a Borders nearby, but it still shows Ohio having no coverage. More info at the T-Mobile HotSpot site.


Quill office supply had the Palm Tungsten C in their system

Emphasis on had. I saw it this morning and by the time of this news posting it has been removed. I can assure you it was there and the specs lined up with what has been posted here. The only disturbing note is the product description said something about he Zire 71. I just think the person entering the data into the Quill system made a mistake. Next time I’ll get a screenshot for you.


More news on using CF cards with your Clie NR/NX and NZ series PDA

ClieSource has another thread discussing the details of the CF drivers beta test. Promising news:

Time for another update on the state of the CF driver beta. We are not quite 1 week into the full swing of beta testing and already there are some very exciting developments. The beta testing group has been very busy and very active hunting down bugs and our development team has been just as busy fixing them. Currently the drivers are becoming much more stable.
There is also some very exciting news to report on the writing front. Our drivers are now write capable, so you can both read and write to the card. The write functionality has just been released to the beta testers so we expect to get the kinks worked out of that shortly.

On the card front, beta tester testing has shown that CF to SD card adapters work with the CF driver. This opens up the possibility of a whole new world of palm applications that were denied Clie users in the past (those distributed on SD cards). We expect to test this internally with other adapters as well and don’t foresee any issues with reading any other media types that have CF converters.

As far as applications go, there are a surprising number that are already working with the CF driver. If you want to make sure that your favorite application will work with the CF driver, ask the developer of that application if they provide support for multiple VFS volumes. If the developer says yes, then you’re home free. If the application you’re interested in does not currently support multiple VFS volumes, you should ask the developer to add this support if you are interested in using the app with both the CF and MS.

Many of you have expressed an interest in knowing an exact release date. Unfortunately we can’t offer you one at this time, but if things go as well as they have been going in beta, we expect that it will be sometime within this month.

Be sure to check out the full thread.


Want an HP calculator emulator?

Power48 is a PalmOS based emulator for the Hewlett-Packard 48SX, 48GX and 49G series of calculators. It provides a fairly complete emulation of the Saturn CPU upon which these calculators are based and is able to run a majority of the programs available for them. It emulates one instance each of the 48SX, 48GX and 49G, and maintains complete and separate state information for each allowing the user to quickly switch between them.

Power48 is based primarily on Emu48 originally written by Sebastien Carlier and now maintained and updated by Christoph Gie elink. It is important to note however that Power48 is not 100% equivalent to Emu48, as state and port files generated by Emu48 are not compatible with Power48 and vice-versa. Additionally, the core emulation code has been almost completely rewritten and optimized for the Palm platform in an attempt to squeeze in every ounce of performance possible.

More info from Power48.



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