PDA News – More X50 info, Tungsten T5 a hoax, City of WiFi

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More reported X50 pics, specs

Well, since we broke the story this weekend, reports have been coming out of the woodwork about the new Dell Axim X50. Several of these are very incorrect, including at least one fake photograph in circulation that mates the original Axim X5 to the antenna stub of the X30 and a new set of buttons. PDAClub.pl, however, has something a little more solid. You may remember that shortly before the release of the Axim X3, PDAClub.pl obtained a vector drawing showing the rough shape and design of the X3. They may have done it again, showing an image of what would appear to be the X50. Please bear in mind that this is a very rough rendering, and is not supposed to be a real photo.

According to PDAClub.pl, the low end X50 will have a 416 MHz processor, 3.5 inch QVGA screen, 64 MB RAM, 64 MB ROM, and Bluetooth. The midrange unit will have a 520 MHz processor, 3.5 inch QVGA screen, 64 MB RAM, 128 MB ROM, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Last, the high end unit would have a 3.7 inch VGA screen, 624 MHz processor, Bluetooth, WiFi, 128 MB RAM, and 128 MB ROM. Whoa. Unfortunately, our original source has gone underground for the moment, so we’re unable to confirm this new information. However, the information about the high-end unit does mesh with the FCC filings, which indicate dual wireless and 128 MB ROM on the unit being tested.



Tungsten T5 picture a hoax

Updating our report from the weekend, a photo of what was claimed to be the Tungsten T5 has been revealed as a hoax. The creator of the photo has admitted that the image was forged, and provided proof of this to the site on whose forums the image was first posted.

Speaking as someone who knows a little something about this, I’d like to shake the guy’s hand before I smack him in the back of the head. Though fuzzy, the forgery was pretty good, avoiding most of the pitfalls that make spotting these easy. As such, I have resolved that as both congratulations and punishment we should pound a medal directly into his skull.


Philadelphia to cover 135 square miles with WiFi

The city of Philadelphia is considering a plan that, for a price of about $10 million dollars, would turn the city into the world’s largest largest wireless internet hotspot. And, on top of that, they’re also considering making the 135 square miles of WiFi coverage free to use. Even if the city ends up charging for access, the price is expected to be quite low, significantly lower than the prices being charged by commercial outlets.

T-Mobile is planning something similar in New York city, with the intent of offering 100% coverage of the city in GSM, 3G, and WiFi. Private and municipal groups are also attempting this in areas of the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere. However, Philly is by far the largest city yet to embrace the idea of offering cheap or free wireless access as a public service over the entire city.

They offer all sorts of reasons for the idea, including getting more internet access to poor neighborhoods and putting Philly on the cutting edge of new technology, but I think the real reason can be discerned from a passage towards the end of the AP article:

Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street, a technology buff who carries a wireless handheld computer everywhere he goes…

Ah ha.



SPOT news update

A whole bevy of news from the SPOT world today. MSN Direct has added NFL and NCAA football to their sports offerings:


New watch faces, and a face management channel, have been launched:


And last but not least, it seems that Microsoft took Brian’s advice and implemented content budgeting.




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