PDA News – New cases, Convergence or divergence, Apple rumors

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New cases for Treo, Clies

Proporta has two new cases for the Treo 600, both designed to allow access to the phone while still encased.

An aluminum case, including memory card storage:


And a leather case with Storage for memory, business, and credit cards:


Plus Brando leather flip-top cases for the Sony TH55:


And TJ27/37:




Information Week: Convergence or divergence of mobile devices?

Information Week has an article by columnist Carl Zetie that should be required reading for anyone who keeps insisting that smartphones are going to kill off conventional handhelds. It quite effectively nails down the reasons why the existing niche map isn’t changing significantly any time soon.

One of the favorite topics in the mobile and wireless technology press is predicting the demise of one category of mobile device at the hands of another. Just in the last few weeks, I’ve “learned” that PDAs will kill laptops, smartphones will kill traditional PDAs, low-end smartphones will kill expensive smartphones, and that a wireless iPod with added PDA features will kill everything.

Prophesying doom and change is certainly a favorite past time among technology writers, mostly because it makes news, and no one ever actually calls them on it later. A bit further on in the article, he points out something I’ve been saying seemingly forever.

The traditional PDA isn’t going away. Low-end smartphones will certainly cannibalize some part of the PDA market among users that just want a simple personal-information-management experience, but anybody who has tried viewing and updating a calendar on a tiny phone screen using a phone’s keypad will know that for anything more than read-mostly usage, a PDA has significant advantages.

Can I get a HELL YEAH?



Rumor of Apple Newton revival survey

I didn’t think it was time for our annual Apple PDA rumor already, but here it is. A Mac enthusiast site called ThinkSecret noted the following on their site a few days ago:

A company called Stone Multimedia Solutions is emailing some fans of Apple’s long-discontinued Newton PDA with a survey. “We need to determine why the Apple Newton was not a commercial success and whether there is an interest in re-launching a new version of the Newton,” the survey says. “Your comments will help understand why the Newton failed and if there is interest in re-launching a new, improved Newton.” Thanks to “AkeSeMu” for the info.

I’ll add the standard caption–we really have no evidence that Apple is working on anything that is ever going to see the light of day. Even if they did pay Stone to conduct such a survey, it doesn’t mean that they’re doing anything other than sending up a trial balloon.




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