PDA News – New Sharp LCDs, Pocket Ricochet, PocketPCs stalled?

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New LCDs from Sharp promise better image

Sharp has designed a new family of LCD displays based on its Amorphous Silicon and Continuous Grain Silicon technologies. The LCDs are said to offer “excellent visibility in any lighting situation, while offering a wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, and superior color reproduction.” The LCDs will come in sizes from 1.5″ to 6.5″, and in resolutions of VGA (640 x 480) and QVGA (320 x 240). The LCDs are said to maintain color purity within a viewing cone of 160 degrees, much more than most LCDs. The new units will begin sampling in December, and mass production is expected next Spring.


Astraware ports Ricochet to PocketPC

Astraware has extended their porting of Breakout-style arcade game Ricochet to the PocketPC. Ricochet features 170+ unique levels, dozens of power-ups, and a style of gameplay that mixes fast-action brick-breaking with skillfull puzzling. The game is also available for Palm OS. Both versions are priced at $15 each.



Have PocketPCs stalled technologically?

PocketPCThoughts.com has published an interesting editorial about the state of handheld technology. From the article:

The three most-discussed stories of the past week (“Palm Tungsten 3 Reviews”, “Why I Miss My Palm III”, and “Toshiba: ‘The PocketPC market is pretty much dead.’ “) all have something in common: the Palm camp is moving fast, and the Pocket PC camp is not.

The article goes on to point out that while Palms are advancing by leaps and bounds technologically, PocketPCs are fundamentally the same as they were a year or two ago, raising the question of whether PPCs have lost the technological initiative they once had.

While I completely agree that PocketPC manufacturers and Microsoft need to get it together and start offering more innovative options, I question whether the Palm OS’ headlong charge at advancement is entirely good for it. I worry that so much change at once will cause Palm to evolve itself into a corner, with too little interoperability between lines, Balkanizing the operating system. In some sense, Palm and PocketPC suffer from opposite problems: PocketPC is too set and unchanging, and Palm is changing so fast it’s hard to keep it together.

PocketPCThoughts editorial


iPaq 2210 Bluetooth in Portuguese

HP has updated the Bluetooth Manager for the Portuguese iPaq 2210, so that it now supports the proper language.




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