PDA News – ROM updates, Mossberg on Samsung, Microsoft domination?

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ROM updates for iPaq hx2000, Axim X30

In recent days, both HP and Dell have posted ROM updates for their workhorse models, the iPaq hx2000 and Axim X30 series.

iPaq hx2000 ROM update 1.10 supports the iPaq hx2100, hx2400, and hx2700 models, though not all features may apply to all models. Among other fixes listed on HP’s support site are the following:

  • Provides an improved Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer.
  • Provides an improved Microsoft Windows Media Player.
  • Enables more than one Settings application to be active at the same time.
  • Adds a new data connectivity icon to the Title bar.
  • Improves ServerSync application stability.
  • Enables dialing of a number that starts with a pound sign (#).
  • Fixes issue where CF slot continuously powers the GSM/GPRS CF Card.
  • Fixes some instances of the issue indicated by the “BTTracyCE.exe” error message.
  • Fixes issue where certain characters are not recognized when HP ProtectTools is activated.
  • Fixes intermittent issue where handheld will not Power On and requires a soft reset.
  • Fixes issues with wireless connectivity.
  • Fixes issue with WLAN connection where handheld will not connect if the WPA key management or Cisco CCKM key management is enabled and set to “optional.”
  • Fixes issue where handheld stops responding when using a third-party audio application.
  • Fixes issue where the user interface for the handheld would indicate that the user was connected to a network that was not present.
  • Fixes issue where Pocket Internet Explorer would stall and fail to load a page if the HTTP post was larger than 16K.

As with most ROM updates, installing this will require a hard-reset, so be sure to backup your data using ActiveSync or another backup program before applying the update.


From Dell comes ROM version A06, supporting the entire Axim X30 range. Updates and fixes, as listed by Dell Support:

  • Added feature that allows the WLAN auto power-off feature to be enabled and/or disabled in the Power applet.
  • Updated the Funk Odyssey client to version
  • Updated the Bluetooth stack to version
  • Added support for Go Daddy SSL certificate

According to Dell’s support page, operating system version differences make it impossible to restore a backup after this ROM update. Be aware that if you want to apply A06, you will be committing to a complete hard-reset and reinstallation of all your programs and files.



WSJ’s Mossberg looks at i730

The Wall Street Journal’s resident convergence true-believer and current Treo user Walt Mossberg has taken the new Samsung i730 around for a spin, and come back with a mixed opinion.



Flashback: Microsoft market domination?

Kent Pribbernow of PocketFactory has apparently been digging in the attic, behind the stacks of dusty Cobalt press releases and unsold iPaq rz1715s. In the process, he’s come up with a blurb from now-former PalmSource head David Nagel, made way back in 2002. From ComputerActive magazine, December 24th 2002:

Microsoft will never dominate handheld computers because they will not develop like PCs, with different vendors cloning a standard hardware architecture running one operating system, according to the head of Palm’s software arm Palmsource.

David Nagel, a former Apple vice-president who led a Mac OS development team, described Microsoft as like a command economy trying to control every aspect of development from the centre. ‘It specifies exactly what should go into the hardware so that it is very difficult for suppliers to differentiate,’ he said.

Nagel was in London to launch the new Palm 5.0 OS and dispel what he saw as a European perception that Microsoft’s PocketPC platform had sidelined Palm. He cited figures for summer 2002 indicating that Palm scooped 83 per cent of retail sales in the US, 49 per cent in Europe and 56 per cent in Japan. The respective PocketPC market shares were 12 per cent, 30 per cent and 29 per cent. (Emphasis added.)

It’s always interesting to read the headlining quotes a couple of years later–often, these bold and unequivocal statements from titans of industry end up sounding more like the infamous “Baghdad Bob” than an accurate picture of what actually happened. Witness Bill Gates’ prediction that tablet PCs would replace laptops. In this case, the market has developed in almost exactly the opposite of the way Nagel predicted. Microsoft now has a considerable lead on PalmOS sales, and PocketPCs have developed into a largely commoditized market, with a standard architecture and OS.




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