PDA News – T4 rumors, PalmOne freaks out, iPaq Bluetooth patch

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New rumors of PalmOne Tungsten|T4

Between the new Treo information, and now rumors about a Tungsten|T4, the starting gun has officially been fired for rumors and speculation about PalmOne’s Autumn release season. The T4 rumors in question actually conflict, one set coming from site “atmaspheric endeavors”, the other from a user at PalmInfoCenter.

The AE specs claim that the T4 will have Palm OS 6.0, a.k.a. Cobalt; a 450 MHz Intel XScale processor; built-in Bluetooth and 802.11G WiFi; 96 MB of memory (84 MB usable); and an 1100 milliamp-hour battery. The claimed retail price would be $459.

I’ll run through the problems with this in no particular order. For one, there is no 450 MHz XScale in the PXA270 line. You can get a 416 MHz, but not 450. This isn’t a fatal hit, because when you’re dealing with slightly odd processor speeds like this it’s common for people to sometimes round them off. 416 could become 450 if someone weren’t paying attention. 96 MB of memory seems like an odd number–if they wanted to increase it, 128 MB would be the next logical step.

My biggest problem with this is the 802.11G WiFi. For one thing, PalmOne barely even has a single model with the more common 802.11B. For another, truly compact G hardware has only reached the practical level recently–so recently that the WiFi-G CompactFlash card isn’t even out yet.

The PIC specs are more conservative in many ways, citing 64 MB RAM, Bluetooth only, an ATI graphics chip, dual SD slots–one of which supports SDIO–and Palm OS 6. Claimed retail price is $400. Actually, other than OS 6, this sounds pretty much exactly like the Tapwave Zodiac. That in itself is rather suspicious to me, but there’s nothing about this rumor that is particularly problematic.



PalmOne issues Cease & Desist orders over Treo 610

Well boys and girls, I think we just got the next best thing to an official confirmation of the new Treo. PalmOne has begun demanding websites take down information about the new Treo 610/”Ace” model, starting with the article on enthusiast site TreoCentral.

Note to PalmOne: This is NOT how you keep something secret. The only worse thing you could do is issue a signed affidavit saying that the T610 exists. The cat is out of the bag, it isn’t going back in, and trying to do it will only get you scratched.


Bluetooth patch for iPaq 1940, 2210

HP has posted the final version of a patch for the 1940 and 2210 Bluetooth implementations that adds support for combination keys.



Microsoft patents use of human skin

I swear, this is not a joke. Microsoft has been issued a patent for the use of human skin as an electrical conduit and data interface. Their reasoning: with the increasing amount of ‘wearable’ mobile gear such as watches, handheld computers, headphones and wireless headsets, etcetera, it makes sense for them all to be able to cooperate and recieve power via skin contact.

Thanks but no thanks. I’ll stick to something like Bluetooth that doesn’t actually have to run though my body while I wait a couple of years to see if this technique has any nasty side effects, like sudden nervous system crashes.




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