PDA News – T5 WiFi drivers, Verizon EvDO PPC phone, New cases

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PalmOne delivers T5 WiFi card drivers

Well, hallelujah. PalmOne got it semi-right, and for once Palm users don’t have to wait six months for drivers. Only semi-right though. PalmOne has released updated drivers that let their branded WiFi card work with the Tungsten T5 in addition to its existing compatibility with the T3 and Zire 72. Unfortunately, the driver does NOT extend to the Treo 650, leaving those users still without WiFi.



Report: Verizon XV6600s for sale

Take this with an entire bag of salt. A company in San Diego called Imagination Entertainment claims to have surplus units of the XV6600, the Verizon version of the HTC Harrier PocketPC phone. According to the company’s spokesperson, Sam Trego, the company overbought the phones from Verizon’s corporate sales department, and they’re selling off the spares at a price of $950 with new Verizon service.

Here’s where the other shoe comes in. The email that was sent to us from the seller contains a number of errors, such as calling the device the XV660, references to Bluetooth 2.0, and repeatedly calling Verizon’s next-gen Ev-DO network ‘ED-VO’. Judging from their reaction, Engadget got the same email, and they’re highly dubious. However, when Engadget’s honcho Peter Rojas called Verizon, they apparently confirmed that the device–scheduled for general release in early 2005–is indeed already available to corporate sales. Take it for what you will.

Meanwhile, following a mutually hostile exchange on Engadget, Sam Trego responded scathingly to Engadget’s article in a message on PocketPC Thoughts, using phrases like off the deep end and publicly slandering. I haven’t seen an argument escalate this fast since Zell Miller went on Hardball. (Rimshot.) We’ll keep you up to date on any new developments.


New cases from Sena, Vaja

From Sena comes a premium grade leather case for the Dell Axim X50 and X50v. On top of standard refinements like custom cuts for full functionality, the case allows the user to sync without removing the Axim from the case. List price is $47 with optional belt clip, but all versions and color combos are on pre-order for 20% off until December 29th, making the price $38 with clip. These look very nice–although I love the bare look of my X50v, a leather case is always mightily appealing.


And from Vaja, one of the few places on Earth that you can buy lime-green leather outside a ’70s revival, a case for the iPaq hx4700. It is custom cut to the iPaq’s controls, plus features an optional cut-out for a CompactFlash accessory.




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