PDA News – Treo 610, ROM updates, New cases

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Treo 610 rumored for March 12th

I’ll open by saying that I cannot confirm the veracity of this, but the following message was passed to us by an individual identifying themselves as ‘nrb’.

Subject: TREO 610 – you heard it here first

because BargainPDA broke the rumour and saved me buying the 600 when the 610 was just around the corner, I decided that I would give the inside running to them in return.

I was told confidentially this morning that the new Treo 610 will be announced /released on 12th March. AND it will be as rumoured!!!!!

Good on you BargainPDA keep up the good work.

It will be interesting to see if this pans out. Personally, I remain highly dubious, but during a palmOne conference call on the 2nd, there were implications made of some type of product announcement soon, though it was not specified what or when. There have also been specualtions about an announcement at the Cebit show in Germany, which starts on the 18th of this month. So at this point, barring further information, the 610 is still in the limbo of ‘unconfirmed rumor’. Though I must confess, a Treo 610 release would be highly entertaining if only to see the reactions of the ‘faithful’ at certain Treo fansites, who insist that the Treo 600 is the absolute perfect deification of all things technological, and react to 610 rumors like machette-wielding cultists on amphetamines.


SDIO driver for G1000 PocketPC phone; Bugfix update for Tungsten|C

Hitachi has finally gotten around to providing an SDIO driver for its G1000 PocketPC/phone/slab. The driver has been tested with the Socket Bluetooth and WiFi SD cards. Unfortunately, according to the Hitachi website, you may miss phone calls while using an SDIO card. Bullet, meet foot. Kind of makes Bluetooth headsets–a valuable accessory, given the stonehenge-like footprint of the G1000–rather moot.

Hitachi support site


Tungsten|C update 2.0 is available from the palmOne website:

Prevents Wi-Fi disconnects due to invalid DHCP renewal requests and premature Wi-Fi connection timeout

Corrects roaming issues between multiple access points on the same subnet in campus environments

Enhances power sequence, MMC card driver, and digitizer behavior

One thing to note is that some users are reporting that you must have the WiFi turned on for the update to work, otherwise you will recieve an error message stating ‘Radio module corrupt’.



New cases for X3i, h4100, e800, XDA II

It’s once again time to play ‘New Case Roundup’. Vaja has premium leather cases for the Dell Axim X3i and Toshiba e800:


And StylusCentral.com has aluminum cases for the iPaq 4100, Toshiba e800, and XDA II:



Soccer via cell phone

File it under ‘something for the Europeans’. To summarize, a Finnish company is designing a toolkit for providing live video services over 3G cell phones. Their envisioned use? Besides monitoring your home or business, their prototype application is to allow phone users to view live video supplied by the camera on other phones at a game of soccer (football). Now if they can figure out a solution for digital rioting, they’ll be all set.





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