PDA News – Treo mystery, Verizon Ev-DO, PalmOne “Angus”?

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PalmOne snapping up Treo domain names

Recent amateur detective work by the denizens of Treo enthusiast website TreoCentral has revealed that PalmOne Inc. registered the domain name Treo700.com in May of this year.

Also worth noting, the domain names Treo650.com and Treo670.com have been registered by an individual named Alexandra Norkin, with an email address at Boston University. A little strategic Google-searching reveals one Sasha Norkin, a marketing and media consultant for PalmOne, and Professor at Boston University, who has the same phone number and email address as the woman who registered the above domain names.

It’s not uncommon practice for companies to register a domain name specific to an upcoming product through another party, in an attempt to keep it from being noticed. Also, both the Norkin registrations and the registration by PalmOne Inc. took place within three days of each other in May of 2004, which would tend to imply that they were coordinated.

It should be noted that just because PalmOne or someone else has registered certain domain names does not mean that all these names will actually turn out to be something. Prior to the launch of its first OS 5 units, Palm registered as trademarks the names Tungsten, Zire, and Veld. Tungsten and Zire, of course, became Palm’s (and later PalmOne’s) business and consumer models, but despite the trademark ‘Veld’ never became anything. However, PalmOne execs have previously referred to plans for a ‘family’ of Treo smartphones, though they gave no timeline for this or indication whether they ever intended to introduce multiple models. Even assuming that these model numbers do eventually correspond to upcoming Treos, I will additionally point out that there is no evidence of any new Treos in the near term other than the 650.


Verizon launches Ev-DO in 11 more cities, refers to future Ev-DO handheld

Contradicting a report of plans to delay their roll-out of high-speed data networks, Verizon Wireless has officially launched Ev-DO wireless broadband service in 11 more cities: Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Baltimore, MD; Kansas City, MO; Los Angeles, CA; Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Milwaukee, WI; New York, NY/Newark, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Tampa, FL; and West Palm Beach, FL.

Also, Verizon’s Chief Technical Officer referred to a possible Ev-DO handheld computer launch later this year. Presumably this is the Verizon-branded HTC Harrier that was revealed by the FCC earlier this year. No definite details or time-table were mentioned.


Report: Tungsten T5, codename ‘Angus’

PDA 24/7 has been sent images allegedly taken from internal PalmOne presentations concerning the upcoming Tungsten T5. The model, which is said to be codenamed ‘Angus,’ is listed as featuring a 416 MHz processor, Bluetooth, and 256 MB of flash memory (215 MB available to the user) that can be used like a memory card or portable hard drive.

Alright. There’s a huge number of things ‘wrong’ with these slides, but nothing that is really beyond the range of someone who has very poor PowerPoint skills. In other words, it isn’t really possible to prove them to be false. It also isn’t possible to prove them to be real. This does mesh with information acquired by Nexave.de in early September which said that the T5 would have a 400 MHz processor, 256 MB memory, and Bluetooth. Neil Brown of PDA 24/7 has added that a second source, which he regards as reliable, has contacted him to say that the images are correct and the specs are accurate. All I can say is, if it’s true, please let them replace the cheap plastic of the Tungsten|E’s case with something a little nicer.




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