PDA News – Treo NVFS fix, Clie rumors, Another iPaq phone rumor

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NVFS problem fixed in Treo update

Well, it’s about time. Included in the recent 1.08 ROM update for Sprint-based Treo 650s is the long-promised fix for the flash memory ‘bloating’ problem. The fix corrects an issue that caused some files to take as much as 40% more space in the Treo’s non-volatile flash memory than they did in traditional RAM-based models. This exacerbated the 650’s already cramped internal memory. While still nowere near roomy, users have reported having between 2 and 5 more megabytes of free memory after applying the update.

No word on when Cingular or unlocked Treos will receive the update, or if there’s any such patch in the works for the Tungsten T5.


Rumors of new Cobalt-based Clie

This is extremely unlikely, given that Sony has completely abandoned the handheld market in favor of pushing the PSP, but a rumor is circulating that the company plans to release a new Clie based on Palm OS Cobalt some time later this year.

I would chalk this up to speculation. The chances that Sony will recomission the Clie are not good given their stated plans.


More iPaq PocketPC phone rumors

Rumors are spreading about another new iPaq PocketPC phone. The information, emailed to Mobile-Review.com by an anonymous source but which their staff deems ‘reliable’, lists the iPaq hx7360 as featuring a 624 MHz processor, 4 inch VGA screen, 192 MB of RAM, 128 MB ROM, GSM/GPRS, 3G wireless data, integrated GPS, 802.11G WiFi, CompactFlash and SDIO slots, thumb keyboard, and Windows Mobile 2005. Oh, and it’s only 5.5 inches long, 2.8 inches wide, 0.51 inches thick, and weighs 150 grams!

It almost goes without saying that this is false. It’s a wish-list rumor cobbled together from somebody’s imagination with no regard for design realities. Besides which, fitting a 4″ screen into a device of those dimensions would be next to impossible, let alone cramming all that hardware plus a 2880 mAh battery into a case that’s 0.51 inches thick. This isn’t happening.


USB memory knife: cutting-edge meets cutting edge

For those times when you want to go prepared for anything, I guess. Old-school Swiss Army knife by Victorinox meets high-end USB flash memory drive in sizes up to 1 GB. There’s a joke in here about ‘hacking’ into a computer, but I don’t think I could get away with two puns in the same news story.



iPaq 6300 suspended pending ROM update, T-Mobile decision

Following up on our recent story about T-Mobile discontinuing sales of the iPaq 6300 PocketPC phone: leaked T-Mobile internal memos reveal that the company has temporarily suspended sales of the device pending a ROM update to fix some of the many software issues. Following this, if the device still isn’t judged to be adequately reliable, it will be permanently scrapped from T-Mobile’s lineup. In the mean time, customers looking to get a replacement for their defective 6300 are being offered one of two Blackberries, or a Treo 600, along with a ‘courtesy credit.’

PhoneMag article on leaked memo



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