PDA News – Treo rumors, Bluetooth headphones in stock, Cheap EvDO?

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Rumor: Dell and PalmOne to collaborate on Windows Treo

The Windows-on-a-Treo rumor mill grinds along, spraying grist in the face of logic. The latest iteration of the story has Dell persuading PalmOne to cooperate in building a Windows-based Treo to compete with the Blackberry, then selling it to Dell’s corporate base. Corporations are very fond of standardizing on Windows devices, making it the logical platform for a device to challange the Blackberry.

There’s a little problem with this. Dell may or may not want to get into either the voice-centric smartphone business, or into Blackberryesqe data-centric messaging devices–I don’t know. However, I don’t see why they would need to borrow PalmOne’s design for the Treo–Dell is perfectly capable of going to HTC on their own and getting a device that would be much better suited to their purpose. The existing Treo line would need considerable reengineering before it could accept a Windows-based operating system, and by the time that that could be done, a replacement OS put in, the machine recertified by the FCC, and it gotten on to carriers’ networks, the Treo 650 design would be laughably antiquated.



HP Bluetooth headphones in stock

After a nearly interminable wait for iPaq fans, HP’s Bluetooth wireless headphones are finally in stock and ready to ship. The stereo headphones tout compatibility with the iPaq h2200, h4100, h4300, h5100, h5500, h6300, rx3000, hx4700 families, and a price tag of $100. Now, the rest of us non-iPaq users just have to wait until someone makes a pair that work for us.



Verizon planning $15/month wireless internet

Possibly some very welcome news for those living under the CDMA Fist. Verizon Wireless, a company known for data plans that rival a street mugging, is in the testing phase of introducing a new $15 flat-rate plan for wireless data. According to reports on HowardForums.com, the plan covers both existing widespread 1xRTT coverage and new higher-speed EvDO coverage. A few hundred select users in test markets are being given access, with a general launch reportedly scheduled for January.

There are some possible catches. For one, Verizon will almost certainly disapprove of ‘tethering’, the practice of connecting a phone to a handheld or laptop and using the internet connection from there. Technically, Sprint and Cingular also frown on doing this with their $15 and $20 data plans. However, neither of the others does anything to stop it, other than not supporting it. Knowing Verizon, they could easily decide to try and prevent tethering at all, either by crippling the phone itself or by billing the user for any data use they suspect to be tethered. Two, it’s unknown whether data-centric devices like the expected-someday-on-Verizon HTC Harrier will qualify for the plan, or whether it will be restricted to traditional phones only.

I suppose it all depends on whether Verizon wises up and sees that they can’t maintain the same Vader-style crushing stranglehold on their users if they really want to compete with Cingular. If they do wise up, they’ll take no action to prevent tethering, offer more Bluetooth phones, and allow PPC phones to qualify for the plan.

What the hell am I saying? This is Verizon.



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