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This morning I got to work, and realized I forgot my iPod at home.  I was bummed until I realized I had some songs on my Tungsten T2 (my work handheld).  I set my Palm in the cradle, plugged my line out jack into the line-in jack of my iPod speaker dock, and fired up Pocket Tunes.  To my amazement, my laptop found a new device (Pocket Tunes Media Player), so I said yes to install.  Then Windows Media Player 10 started and asked of I wanted to manually or automatically sync. 

Whoa!  I forgot it could do that!  I was so used to using my iPod that I never looked into the many features of pocket tunes.  I set up several playlists in WMP, and selected the ones I wanted to sync.  From that point on, whenever I dock my Palm, and start PTunes, it automatically synchronizes any changes.  I figure, that I am a pretty common man, so if I thought this was pretty cool, so would many others.  I decided to look into the other capabilities of Pocket Tunes, and write a review.

Pocket Tunes


  • Access millions of songs and audio books from popular online music stores.
    Pocket Tunes Deluxe supports all music stores that use Microsoft’s Janus technology**.  Look for stores with the PlaysForSure logo.
  • Play music on your Palm-powered device.
    Easily play music stored on your device’s Storage card, internal memory, or hard disk.
  • Easily copy music.
    Pocket Tunes integrates with Windows Media Player, Real Rhapsody, and many other music players on your PC to allow you to quickly and easily copy music to your device.  Just plug it in, start Pocket Tunes, and go!
  • Find music quickly.
    Pocket Tunes sorts your music by album, artist, genre, and playlist to allow you to quickly find what you’re in the mood for.
  • Broad range of supported music files.
    Pocket Tunes plays MP3, WMA*, PCM WAV, and Ogg Vorbis files.
  • Use your Palm device normally while music is playing.
    You’re free to run any other application on your device while playing music or listening to Internet radio.
  • Listen to Internet radio.
    With Pocket Tunes Deluxe, you can tune into hundreds of ShoutCast or Live365 radio stations on devices with built-in wireless connectivity.
  • Personalize Pocket Tunes.
    Choose from dozens of skins (many of them are free) at www.pocket-tunes.com/skins/ to make Pocket Tunes your own.
  • Fine tune your music.
    With features like crossfade, gapless playback, a high-fidelity equalizer, and many more, Pocket Tunes allows you unprecedented control over your music listening experience.
  • Listen to audio books.
    Pocket Tunes provides unique features (like bookmarks and auto-bookmarks) to make it a powerful companion when listening to books on the go.
  • Mix, shuffle, then repeat.
    Quickly create playlists or pick songs one-by-one.  Turn on the shuffle and repeat options to combine your music in ways you never expected!
    As you can see from the list, it has all of the features you would expect from a dedicated mp3 player plus a couple of nice twists.

One of the neat features I really enjoy is the streaming internet radio.  I use Shoutcast, via a Bluetooth connection (I have a Bluetooth AP at home), and even over the slower Bluetooth Connection, I rarely get stuttering or buffer problems.  This feature would be great with headphones at a coffee shop over Wifi or if you use a Treo.

As I mentioned in the intro, it is very easy to sync with Windows Media Player 10, and it has the ability to integrate with some online music stores.  The drawback here is it only works with PlayForSure DRM sites, so no iTunes Music Store here. 

Pocket Tunes

Other more basic features are the ability to add, edit, and delete playlists, choose skins select random, repeat playback, background play, and adjust settings on when to blank the screen to save battery life.

Pocket Tunes

There are 3 versions available, Basic $14.95, deluxe $34.95 which adds streaming, on-line music stores, and WMA playback, and Smartphone Essentials $61.80, which includes DialStat, TrafficStat, and HBlogger. Visit the Pocket Tunes site for more info.


  • Synchronize with PC via Windows Media Player 10
  • Screen can be set to turn off after a few seconds to save battery life
  • Plays in background while you work in other apps.
  • Internet Radio Streams
  • Skinable 


  • Synchronize ONLY with Windows Media Player 10
  • Only works with online music stores using Microsoft DRM



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