Possible Photos of the Next Generation Treo 670–Running Windows

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Early today, a user on TreoCentral posted what appear to be photos and some initial details about a new Treo model, called the 670, which runs a Windows operating system.

The user, known as ‘dnt,’ offered the following explanation for the photos.

This might sound cazy but some lady was trying to sell these to me a couple a weeks back.  Figured they were hot so I didn’t want to buy them.  But she did let me check them out.  From what I could tell it was functional… sorta.  I couldn’t get the phone to work…  Either the ear piece was broken or I was just hplain dumb =)  So I tried connecting it to my bluetooth and see if I could make a call. It didn’t bond.   Anyways I check the OS and guess what… It was a Pocket PC one.  Wasn’t really familiar with it but I was able to see that it only had 32MB of memory too… funny huh?  This really must be some pre-pre-pre production model because no one in their right minds would be using 32MB of memory for a pocket Pc.  Of course since I wasn’t familiar with it and it might had been somewhere else but I didn’t see it.  It was actually really slugish.  I tried to hard reset it but the normal hold the power button and push the reset button didn’t work.  The one you see in the pic on with the screen on seem to be a GSM model because it had sim slot.

She also had an acutal  verizon treo 650.  It acutally did call out too but after I hard reset it didn’t work so good.  Meaning after the hard reset it wouldn’t hold on to a call longer than 15 sec before disconnecting.  Looked just like the sprint version but actually had verizon software. Thats all I could remember…

I’ve gone to some effort to verify or debunk the pictures, and I can say this much–no part of any of the images shows evidence of photo manipulation. There’s no evidence of pasting, low-level pixel editing, or trick photography that I can find given about an hour of analysis.

The codes engraved on the front and back of each Treo are of the type used by PalmOne’s prototype devices. These codes are unique to a particular unit, so that if a prototype gets out in the wild, PalmOne can determine exactly where the leak came from. These codes have been seen on Tungsten T5, Tungsten E, and Tungsten E2 prototypes in the past.

The name, slogan, and logo seen on the screen of the active Treo are from High Tech Computer, a.k.a HTC, the Taiwan based manufacturer of the Treo 650 and most of the Windows based Smartphones and PocketPC phones in the world.

The new style buttons are similar to those seen on other newer models built by HTC, such as the Typhoon smartphone. They’re also similar to the design ethic seen on the HTC built Treo 650. The directional pad is also similar, though not identical, to the pads in various HTC PocketPC phones such as the Blue Angel and the Harrier.

Left, alleged Treo 670. Right, Treo 650. Images not neccessarily to scale.

Aside from the testimony of ‘dnt’ there’s no way to verify from the photos that these Treos run a Windows OS. The buttons are consistent with either a Palm or a Windows machine, and there are no OS specific labels or symbols anywhere on the devices. Still, given the apparent veracity of the photos, we’re left with little reason to doubt.

The idea of PalmOne making a Windows based model, and specifically a Windows Treo, has been circulating for some time now, but it has rarely been taken seriously. Now, we may have to.



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