Review: Dell Axim Hard Case by Innopocket

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Nothing says protection like 100% aircraft grade aluminum casing surrounding your Dell Axim.  So, if you’re a klutz and prone to dropping things (or launching them into the air like a plane) like myself then you’ll appreciate the new Metal Deluxe Case for the Dell AXIM X5 from Innopocket.  This case will provide an amazing coat of armor for the Axim X5 series handheld.  Following are the specs:

 Anodized aluminum casing
 Precision molded to perfectly fit the Axim X5
 Neoprene lining to hold the Axim securely and protect from shocks, drops and collisions
 Cutouts for easy access to stylus, CF/SD/MMC expansion slot, IR Port, Headphone Jack, Speaker and Microphone.
 Hotsync using hotsync cable
 Size: 130 x 90 x 24 mm
 Weight: approx 90g

Top view of empty Dell Axim Hard Case by Innopocket


The build and construction on the Metal Deluxe Case is overall good, but the best feature of the case is definitely how easily the Axim slips in and then holds in place.  I’ve often had the problem with both leather and hard cases in which the handheld either fits too tightly or too loosely.  The Innopocket case provides a perfect fit for the Axim though.  The Axim will slide into the case with a slightly firm push, and then will absolutely stay in place.  I tried shaking the Axim out of the case, but to no avail.  Don’t think this means once the Axim is in place it’s impossible to remove though, it simply takes a firm push from below to ease it out.  In other words, the Axim is easy to put in and easy to get of the case, but will never fall out or move around once in.  The neoprene lining is the key in providing for this snug grip.  The neoprene lining also provides the necessary shock and anti-scratch protection.

As far as looks go, the Innopocket case is also good.  The look it provides is of a futuristc style, the aluminum is aircraft grade but doesn’t look too industrial.  You don’t get a whole lot of reflection or mirroring off the case, but it does have enough shine to make it look sleek.

Top view of case closed

A major benefit to this case is also the fact that Innopocket has made all the necessary cut outs to allow for easy access to the various input and output slots on the Axim.  The CF/SD slot, IR Port, headphone jack, speaker and microphone all have cutouts to provide access to.  You are still able to sync your Axim if you have the sync cable, but if not then you’ll have to take the Axim out of the case to sync in its cradle.

cut outs provide easy access to all inputs and output slots


One complaint I do have about the Innopocket case is the fact the hinge for the flap cover is rather loose.  When the flap is open it tends to wobble around a little due to the hinge being a little loose.  I also found that the flap when closed tends to wobble a bit and with a hard shake of the case could be opened.  Chris and I both have the Innopocket case and he says the flap doesn’t provide any problems for him, so maybe my case was a bit of a lemon as far as the flap locking mechanism goes.

A great thing about the Axim is the the rubber grips you have on the side to provide for extra hold.  When using this hard case you’ll lose this extra grip, and actually the case can be a little slippery to handle at times as is the nature of aluminum.  A couple of the edges on the case are a little bit sharp too, in particular the door, so be a little careful there.  Chris reports that he finds the cover a little bit awkward for gaming purposes, so for gamers out there you might want to consider this.

Overall I’m very happy with the Innopocket Deluxe Metal Hard Case.  It definitely does its job in protecting the Axim from your typical 3 foot type drops and probably provides even greater shock protection I imagine, but I was too chicken to actually throw the Axim across the room to test the aircraft grade aluminum of this case!  The weight of the case is 90g and the Dell Axim is 196 grams, so you will have a pretty heavy handheld + case combo when these two are together, but a tough and rugged combo at that.  The price on the case is definitely reasonable, $34.90 MSRP in the U.S, you can purchase it from the Innopocket site  So if you’re looking for a case to protect your Axim from virtually anything and fits extremely well, look to Innopocket for your solution.



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