Review – Drunken Sherriff from Afzane (Pocket PC)

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Warning! The Sheriff is back in town, and he s drunk!

Figure 1. Not Fit to Screen   

Figure 2.  Fit to Screen

Drunken Sheriff is a new Flash based game by  The main character is a delightfully drunken gun wielding sheriff who enjoys breaking glasses, plates, and other fine dining materials.  But before we go into game play, let me briefly discuss the installation process.

Installation gives very helpful instructions ( on their support site.  The instructions, however, are slightly misleading.  The following is at the top of their support site.

The games found here requires the Macromedia Flash Player version 5.0 or higher to be on your handheld device.

Since my PocketPC (HP 2215, PPC 2003) is new, I followed their link to download flash player five and installed it on my system.  Thinking I was ready to enjoy hours of fun, I started the game and was greeted by a blank screen.  I immediately went back to their support site and found this was a common problem, the solution was having the correct version of flash installed, and there was yet another link to flash player five. Luckily at the very bottom of the page there is a note about flash player six, which is now available.  Their website, as of this review, does not mention PPC 2003 compatibility, only 2002.  Being the semi-intelligent person I am, I tried downloading flash player six. After installing flash player six, the game worked like a charm, and I was ready to play.

After starting up the game for the first time I was greeted with the screen shown in Figure 1, which was too large for the screen.  I quickly realized that I had probably left Fit to Screen off in Internet Explorer.  As soon as I exited the game, switched that on, and restarted the game, I was greeted with the screen in Figure 2.  Much Better! Let the Gaming Begin!


Special Figure: WARNING! 
I always knew there was something wrong with fruit!!

Figure 3. Gameplay.

After agreeing to the health warning I was ready to go.  Here s the play-by-play on gameplay for Drunken Sheriff.  You as the player control the wildly happy and drunk sheriff found at the bottom of Figure 3.  The sheriff has three basic controls, left, right, and fire.  You may choose to use your stylus with the on screen buttons, or the D-pad for your controlling pleasure.  As you can see from figure 3, you as the sheriff (marked X) are shooting at the fine saloon china (marked O) that the bartender is throwing across bar.

Figure 4. More Gameplay.

If shooting plates and bottles were the only objective, this game would be way too easy.  Fortunately, along with shooting plates, you must dodge the fruit that the saloon patrons are throwing in your general direction.  Figure 4 depicts our beloved sheriff being whacked with an orange on the head.  One whack with a fruit lowers your life (upper left) by one heart, lose all three and it s game over.  

Figure 5. GAME OVER

The sounds for this game are simple, yet effective.  There is happy saloon music playing in the background, and cute gun and fruit sounds to go along with it, and to top it all off, the bartender has a good laugh at you whenever you get hit with fruit.

-Good Playability
-Cute graphics and sounds.
-Low Low Price


-Requires Additional Software (Flash Player 5/6)
-Screen size is either too big, or not quite full screen
-Installation can be harder than it looks.

Bottom Line
Drunken Sheriff is a delightfully charming little game, it s not extremely easy or hard, which makes it very easy to play over and over, and over again.  If that weren t enough, the games price makes it even more attractive, it s only $9.99!!  If you want a game that s simple, easy to play, and hours of amusement, head on over to and get a copy!

Get a free trial copy or full version from Handango [product link].



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