Review: G2 PDA Screen Protectors for Palm Tungsten T

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Before I got my Palm Tungsten T (TT), I had a Handspring Visor and always used WriteRight screen protectors by ConceptKitchen. They were easy to install, and each one lasted a couple of months, depending on use. Their “feel” was a little mushy, like writing on plastic instead of glass, which is exactly the case. Protecting the screen was important to me, so I put up with the less-than-great feel. Shopping online for my TT, I saw a review of the G2 PDA Screen Protectors (, of Kelowna, BC, Canada). These sounded great: a hard plastic surface that promised no mush and would last longer than the WriteRights. I wanted the latest and best for my beautiful TT, and I felt sorry for the Canadians because of the SARS virus, so being optimistic, I bought four for US$23.95, plus $2.95 shipping.

After about a week, the protectors showed up in my mailbox, in a plain envelope. I almost threw it away because it looked like all the other plain envelopes containing credit card offers. In the envelope were the protectors in a plastic bag, a sheet of instructions, and a cleaning cloth. Now, down to work.  I never worked so hard for my PDA. First, I followed the directions to carefully clean my week-old TT. I had been using the plastic screen protector it came with, which actually did a pretty good job. I used the cloth and my breath to remove all the dust. Then, I remembered to clean the frame around the screen, which put more dust on the screen. The directions recommending going into the bathroom and turning on warm water to create humidity. I might have had an easier time if I had done that, but I was in my office.  

Next, I removed the protector from the bag, using the cloth so I wouldn’t touch it with my fingers. The next step was to take a piece of tape, stick it on the protector, and remove the protector’s protector, a piece of cellophane. Easier said than done. I had to take my fingernail and remove a small bit of the corner, and then stick on the tape to peel off the rest of the cellophane. The directions said to clean the protector. It seemed to have more dust on it than my TT! I rubbed, which is hard to do without putting fingerprints on the protector. I had to find a second cleaning cloth to hold the protector so I could clean it with the first cloth. Then my assistant came in and plopped the mail down on my desk, as she usually does that time of the morning, creating dust that is imperceptible except to someone installing a G2 PDA Screen Protector. More wiping. The plastic protector itself is a dust magnet.  Now I was halfway home, or so I thought. The next step is to tuck the top left corner of the plastic protector between the screen and the frame. Then you tuck the bottom left corner in, “with a pivot,” the directions said. I couldn’t get the thing to pivot. You are supposed to be able to slide the left side in after that. Not for me. Finally, I got three corners in, but noticed I had fingerprints all over the underside of the protector. Aghhhhh!

Clean it and start over. The protector seemed too long to fit, so I trimmed off a tiny bit of the bottom. I started again. One corner, easy. Second corner, harder. Pivot, slip. Third corner takes a little bending, but, careful, not too much. Fourth corner, and the thing is crooked. Pivot again. Done! Wait a sec, there’s fingerprints under the thing again! And somehow, I’ve bent the protector so it has a little “ding” in it. Remove it with a piece of tape, as suggested. Start over.  Phone rings. I realize I’ve been at this for 30 minutes. Trusty T vibrates to let me know I have an appointment. Put everything away. Get back from appointment an hour later. Wash hands. Clean everything all over again. Get out a new protector. Take the cellophane off. This time I didn’t trim it, because it ought to fit, right? So tough it out. Clean, tuck in a corner, pivot. By the time I got the second one on, there was more dust under the protector than on top, and it had bent again.

The spot that had a slight bend in it was noticeable when I tried to write in the Notepad. In places, the feel was great, like writing directly on the screen. If you can install one of these, you will be happy, but that is a big “if.” Like if you don’t go nuts first. Be very careful: the sharp edges of the plastic could scratch your screen.

Since the dust under the protector and the bend were unacceptable to me, I removed the protector and gave up. I had real work to do, and it was already lunchtime. This was not making my life easier. Nobody I know would spend as much time on this as I had. I got out my old pack of WriteRights and stuck one on my T in about two seconds with a credit card. Done. Made a note to buy more.

I would not recommend the G2 PDA Screen Protectors to anyone but the most meticulous, obsessive-compulsive PDA user in a air-filtered, dust-free laboratory in a humid jungle climate.  

 Hard plastic screen protector
 Better feel than flexible protectors like WriteRight

 Difficult, if not impossible, to install

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