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First of all, let me say that trying to figure out the wording of the following paragraph will take much more time than actually figuring out how to play the game.

“The goal of the game is to generate the maximum amount of energy from the machine called MightCraft. Energy is generated when four or more energy elements of the same color are connected in a row or column. The energy elements are put in special cradle – energy conserving devices that are able to lift them by four and rotate. Each rotation will cost you one energy unit – the amount needed to lift and rotate four elements.”

Basically, you have a grid of energy spheres and you need to rotate them in order to make a row/column of four or more of the same color. The game type is similar to that of the popular Bejeweled, which kept me glued to my Palm m105 back in the day.

MightCraft is no let down. After figuring out how to play, I almost immediately associated it with Bejeweled. What you need to do is tap in the middle of the block of four energy squares you want to rotate (see in-game help for animation). It is actually quite simple once you do it a few times.

Graphics: MightCraft’s graphics are sharp and crisp, with a futuristic, machine feel. The colors are used very well in order to complement each other against the steel background. The options menu even provides for the adjustment of the gamma in-game, allowing the brightness to be controlled by the player. This is a feature every game should have. The keyboard layout for the high-score screen is a bit small, but I found no problems using it.

Sound: Adding to MightCraft’s futuristic environment, the sounds create quite the ambient counterpart. The mechanical button presses and the sliding/closing of metal objects really add to the game. The only thing that could be added is music to go along with the rest of the great sounds.

Gameplay: The gameplay in MightCraft is fantastic and addicting. I quickly found myself pulling my iPAQ out of my pocket often to get a couple of minutes in.

MightCraft has three different game modes. In the first mode, you have 2 rotations to make a row/column. If you don’t make a row/column with 2 rotations: game over. This is the most difficult of the three modes and will keep you scratching your head for long periods of time. The second mode, you race against time. You have a certain period of time to score as
many row/columns as you can. Once the time runs up, that’s it. Enter your name in the high-score area. In the third mode, you have all the time in the world to make as many combinations as you want. You start with four rotations, and if you don’t get a combination in four rotations, you shouldn’t be playing this game! After this, your score determines how many rotations you have remaining, with an increase in score for double rows/columns and other bonuses.

Low Price ($5.95)
Addicting (could be a con!)

No background music
Small learning curve

Overall, MightCraft is the Bejeweled of the future. Don’t just sit there, start rotating energy cells before it’s too late!

Pick up a free trial or purchase for $5.95 from Handango (product link).



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