REVIEW: Quickoffice 6 – Office File Editing for the Palm

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Following is a full posting of Brad’s review of Quickoffice 6.0 , purchase this suite from the software store and get 10% in August and September by using coupon code 357FEX .  But first, read the review to see if it might be worth your money!

Quickoffice 6.0 Review by Brad McKee

Yes, I am back! I know you ve been wondering when the next software review was going to be posted. Well, let me tell you I ve been wondering the same! From buying a new house to having a hard drive fail, I ve been busy to say the least. But I have had plenty of time to evaluate the latest version of Quickoffice. With an office suite, you need a little bit of time to dive off into all the features.

First off let me just say that I had the older version of Quickoffice, and enjoyed using it, even though it wasn t as powerful as what I would like to see in an office package. Apparently someone at Cutting Edge Software has been listening and reading the discussions about their product all over the Palm OS forums! They shouldn t even call this package version 6.0, it doesn t give it justice. It has been revamped, retooled, and given a sleek appeal. Shall I say Shaken, not stirred .

Sure, sure, it s still an office product for Pete s sake, but at least it s a hip-stylish-practical office product. Especially if you own one of those snazzy hi-res Clies, that is where Quickoffice v6.0 shines. But if you are one of those pesky value minded consumers (like me!), then you are still in for a surprise!

The Run Down:

Quickoffice v6.0 is an all inclusive office package developed for Palm OS. It allows you to create/edit/modify Excel and Word files. That is the product in a nutshell. But how well does it do this? Like I mentioned before I was a user of the old Quickoffice v5.something. I have Wordsmith and Minicalc installed on my unit. After tinkering and heavily using Quickoffice, I now have those other memory hogs removed. I have been assimilated by the Quickoffice Gods! Well, not that far, but I am fully utilizing the whole package.

Quickword or Wordsmith?

Look at those buttons, look familiar?

I titled this section so because I couldn t tell much difference between the two products. Unless you are some John Grisham wannabe novelist where you are writing the next installment to your next multi-million dollar publication, you really don t need all that Wordsmith has to offer. Quite frankly, I would just stick to my desktop if I have that much to write. Quickword offers great support for all types of fonts. It comes with Fontbucket, which is a program that allows you easily to import all those funky fonts that you never thought you would use. They show up great on a hi-res model, but the usual with your low-resolution model. You can still use those fonts with your low-resolution Palm though, when you synch the program back to MS Word, the font type is shown on your desktop.

HTML Guru? Here’s your program

One thing I should mention is that you can even edit/write/modify html.  I tried it out updating my website, and it worked. I couldn t believe it. I downloaded an encoded page and modified it, then uploaded it. Nice feature, but hey html is meant to be used in text format, so don t get all excited about something it should be able to do anyway!

You can also check your spelling with an included dictionary and thesaurus. It is pretty small, and unlike Wordsmith, you can store the dictionary on your card.  You can add your own words to it and they will be stored in the dictionary. A great feature! Plus the interface is very similar to MS Word.

How do you spell that?

One of the newest, and most noticeable, features to be added is the Virtual File System support. Sure, your old copy had the same feature, but it sure isn t as easy to use as the newer version. It is hard to explain, so just take my word for it. It is idiot proof. You can store whatever you want onto your expansion card and move it back and forth. Or keep a running copy on your memory and a backup on the card. Trust me it is simple.


The main screens are easy to navigate. Select your file, then beam, print, email, edit, delete, modify, copy, transfer to card, all in one place!

As I mentioned earlier, before QuickOffice 6 I was an avid Minicalc fan. I use some pretty large spreadsheets at work and the old version of Quickoffice just couldn t hack it.  That has changed, I ve imported those same files into the new version of QuickSheet and it chews the files up and asks for more. It uses the same VFS as I mentioned above in the Quickword section. I would love to talk more about Quicksheet, but let s get real people. There isn t much glamour in a spreadsheet program.


If you need to put some visuals with all your calculations, then you can import them to Quickchart. There exists the usual choices: bar, pie, etc. You can even add color to them! But, of course you need a snazzy color unit for that. I honestly don t have a use for the chart feature, but you might and it works well.


I know you are a value minded consumer, just like me. It s a lot easier keeping all your office suites in one package. The interface is the same in both MS Word and MS Excel when you are trying to export/import files you have been working on. That was one problem I had with running Wordsmith and Minicalc. Cutting Edge has added a little bit of style to a boring office program, actually making it fun to use. I keep a lot of documents stored on my PDA with Quickoffice that some people wouldn t even think of. From a list of my valuables, resume, expense reports, mileage reports, software reviews :-), some web pages for work, job applications (I m an HR manager), to even FAQ s and walkthru s for my favorite PC games (makes it easy to follow without having to alt+tab out and crash a game!).

Wow! Lookie, Mikey Likey

So, if you don t have an office package, I would recommend Quickoffice v6.0. OR if you have one of those snazzy hi-res clies. Especially the new NR70/v, it supports full screen mode! But, like most software, if you are happy with what you have, then stick with it. I totally understand how helpful it is knowing the ins and outs of a program, even if it is dated. BUT there isn t much of a learning curve with Quickoffice. It is very simple to use, most of the commands you are already familiar with. They are taken straight out of any word processor.

Another plus is you can get it for 10% off through bargainPDA, just look up the coupon code they have listed in the coupon section! A great and truly useful software product, plus a discount, that should be enough for you to go out and get it!



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