REVIEW: Rook’s Revenge for Palm OS

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Astraware, one of the premier game software makers for PDAs, recently released four new games for the Palm: Rook’s Revenge, Candy Cruncher, Link Letters and What Word? Brad has reviewed and provides us with highlights on the most hyped of these new releases, Rook’s Revenge, which can only be described as Chess with a major twist!”>

Rook’s Revenge Review by Brad McKee”>Astraware has just recently released four new games and this is one that I have been having a blast with.

Rook s Revenge is available for Palm OS v 3.0 or higher and Pocket PC platform PDAs. I am currently playing it on my Sony S-320 monochrome unit. With that being said, let s get to the review.

First Impressions:

I had received an email about the upcoming release of this game, and was anxiously awaiting its release. So when the Rook s Revenge was released last week, I downloaded it from Astraware and found two versions were available, grayscale and color. I loaded up the grayscale into my Clie, and then transferred it to my memstick. The grayscale version is only 109kb in size, and works great off of the Memory Stick using the launcher program that comes with the Clie.

Chess on Steroids

There are three levels of play Easy, Medium, and Hard. The easy level is exactly that, easy. But I m getting ahead of myself. Here is what Rook s Revenge is about:

The game is a chess game where you can move your pieces whenever you want, or out of turn from your opponent. You can t move the same piece in succession. So this leaves you with an insane game of chess! You can just keep tapping the pawns and move them right up the board before the computer even moves a couple of pieces on easy mode. You can forget about checkmate, to win you have to destroy your opponent s King. This is why I like to play on hard mode. It can get crazy, quick. And the more games you win, the smarter the computer will become in playing you.

The pieces still abide by regular chess rules as far as movements go. If you don t know where exactly you can move a piece, just tap the piece and squares light up on your device to show you where you can move them. Scores are tabulated by how many games (rounds) you win.

Addicting Action

The game is pretty addicting for a quick match when you ve got a few minutes of time while waiting for your oil to be changed, or whatever. One of the features I like is the rebuild feature. Let s say you move your Queen out to the edge of the board. Well..just double tap on the square where the Queen started at and after a few moments you ll have another queen! You can only rebuild one piece at a time, and the original piece can still be involved in the action on the board. You can rebuild any piece except the King.


You can customize the pieces in the options menu using 3 styles of pieces and 2 colors in each piece. They look really nice on my grayscale unit given its inherent limitations, but the hi-res Clie will provide you richer graphical experience. The sounds are tolerable, with the usual bleeps when you move and a nice Victory song.


I found the game very entertaining and played it off an on over the weekend without getting bored of it. If you are looking for a quick game that doesn t take up much space, then you need to look at Rook s Revenge. You can download a demo or purchase it online from Astraware for $14.95. It s definitely a blast!



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