Review SplashClock 1.02 for the Palm OS from SplashData

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If you re like me, you re PDA of choice sits next to your PC monitor or laptop while charging in the cradle. I often like to run the default clock program on my PDA while it s charging for no other reason than it s cool and I like to know what time it is. Sure you could always look in the system tray on your PC, but it s still cool to run a nice large clock on the PDA. So what, I know I m a dork, nerd, geek, whatever.



SplashClock is very new – the first beta came out only a few weeks ago. Since then, there have been four updates taking care of minor bugs and adding usability features along the way. But the SplashData name should be more familiar. They have an entire suite of applications for the Palm that are all designed to make life a little bit easier.


The concept of SplashClock is very simple. It s a desk clock and image viewer that will display the current date and time with a slideshow of images in the background. The background images can be JPEG images stored on an external memory card, or a SplashPhoto PDB image stored on internal or external memory. When your PDA is charging, instead of going to sleep it runs the clock program. The program is color and runs in both high res and low res environments.




There are a ton of options to customize and the list continues to grow as updates come out. Here s a quick rundown:

            Display you may select a digital display or one of five different analog options

            Size the clock face comes in small, medium or large

            Location the clock may be oriented at the top, middle or bottom of the screen

            Color depending on background, you may customize the color of the clock

            Opacity think of this as how see-through you want the clock face to be

            Date you may show the date or not




After selecting all the format options listed above, you select the images you d like to use. The program comes with a nice default beach setting, but you can load as many images ad you d like. The last option is whether you want to run a slideshow or simply lock in on one image. You may also set the duration of the slide show and whether you want the program to run only when requested or automatically when the PDA is charging.


The end result is that SplashClock is a nice screen saver type program that I find very useful, especially with the date option turned on. I also know a number of you like to run some sort of photo slide show while the PDA is charging. The nice thing about this program is that you can still run that slideshow, with the date and time overlaid.


SplashData is kind enough to offer the full program free for 30 days. After that time, you may purchase for only $5 right now. That s 50% off the regular price of $9.95. I strongly recommend at least trying out the demo, I think you ll be quite pleased. Click here for the free dowload or to purchase.




The Wraith has weighed in with his thoughts –

To test the JPEG functionality, I took a half dozen images from my digital camera and loaded them onto the SD card. Surprisingly–considering the sometimes laggy nature of the m505’s SD slot, and the sizes involved–SplashClock perfomed admirably on even large 1700 x 1200, 500+ KB images, taking a couple seconds at most to display them when you prompted it to change images. When it’s done automatically, I saw no perceptible delay whatsoever, thanks to the background operations. Given that SplashClock is designed to take advantage of the advancements in OS5, performance should continue to improve. Another bonus is that SplashClock reads it’s JPEGs from the DCIM directory on a memory card, so if your digital camera and handheld share a flash memory type, you can simply plug the card in and use the images. The images even looked good, to the extent that they could on a low-res screen. I bet this would be really impressive on an NR or NX series Clie.

One minor bug is that on my m505, both the up and down buttons caused the slideshow to go ‘up’ in the sequence. Truly a minor annoyance, since there are other ways to return to the previous picture.

All in all, a hassle-free and useful app, and a great way to impress your co-workers.



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