REVIEW: Toshiba e740 Initial thoughts (Pics, Specs)

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I’m not one to say that any particular Pocket PC device has a huge advantage over any other, but my initial reaction to the Toshiba e740 is that the HP iPAQ has been put to shame in more ways than one.  The Toshiba e740 might just prove to be the best Pocket PC device on the market right now, but I have to emphasize I’ve only had this thing for 18 hours now.  Those have been 18 happy hours though!

For now I’ll just list what makes a whole lot of sense about this device and provide a full review in the coming days:

  • Wireless capability built-in, Wi-Fi if you’re in the U.S. and Blue Tooth in Europe right now, consumers in each respective area will be able to choose the wireless type eventually.

  • I can send email from this thing using the Wireless Network I have setup in my home.  I can of course surf the web or chat using IM too.  But surfing the web on a small screen remains painful.  The network was detected instantly, very little to zero hassle in setting that up.  An icon at the top of the screen always shows you the status of the network connection.  Push the stylus on it to do any network diagnostics or disable the connection temporarily.

  • Wireless is easily turned off from the bottom of the e740 using the stylus, this saves power if you don’t really want to have capability used at a certain time.
  • Removable battery that can also be supplemented by a more powerful battery for those that use a lot of multimedia capabilities, or like to use their PDA as an mp3 player on long flights.  My iPaq 3850 won’t even let you get to the battery for goodness sakes.

  • Dual memory type expansion, CFII: or Secure Digital.  Both slots are on top of the PDA.  Thank you Toshiba, I like choice.  The iPaq 3850 only let me use SD memory.

  • Neato scroll bar on the left hand side so you can scroll between items on a page such as contacts in outlook, programs on your main page area, or items on a web page.  Push the scroll bar in to select an item (either open a program, contact info, or link in a web page, just depends on the program you’re running).
  • You have the typical Pocket PC 2002 front page with a theme and Today screen, but hit the home button and the Toshiba goes to a very appealing tab like layout in which programs are organized by tabs for “Running Programs”, “Main”, “Programs”, “Games”.  I like the area that holds all your running programs, very obvious and very nicely organized.
  • The e740 is nice and thin.  Not quite as thin as the Palm m500 series, but definitely less bulky than the iPaq.
  • It’s light!  Lighter than the iPaq.
  • XScale processor is obviously very appealing, but I’ll have to say that I haven’t run any benchmarks yet and have not noticed any blazing improvement for execution of applications over the 206 MHz chips used in the last round of Pocket PC PDAs.
  • The hard reset is easy enough to do, but hard to do by mistake.  Just use your stylus to push an inset lever like button on the bottom of the Toshiba.  I prefer that because on some devices I can’t even figure out how to do a hard reset, or you have to do some kind of very wrong contorted maneuvers with your hands/fingers.
  • The charger allows you to either charge the e740 in the cradle or plug it directly into the e740 for charging without the cradle.
  • The Toshiba expansion pack, which integrates seemlessly onto the bottom of the e740 allows you to connect USB devices to the e740 such as that keyboard you have on your desk right there ;-), and this same expansion pack allows you to send screen output to the full size monitor you’re looking at right now (or to a projector of course).


  • So far it’s simply a pleasure to use, the design is definitely different and cool, a boxy look. It feels good in the hand and is the right size, no complaints there.

I’ll have a full review and a more developed opinion on the Toshiba e740 by next week, so check back then for a full report.

View the Toshiba e740 Specs here

Download PDF version of Specs:




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