Review Uninvited by Infinite Ventures

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“Are you ready to face the horror of The Uninvited? After crashing your car on a deserted country road, you discover that your brother is missing. You turn to the only place you can find, an eerie mansion, haunted by the undead.

Explore the haunted house and grounds while in-search of your brother. Along the way you gather clues by examining objects, interacting with characters, and solving puzzles. Look sharp and think ahead, or you could be the next victim of the darkness within!”

Do you remember back in the day when you would sit glued to your Nintendo and play Uninvited? How about Shadowgate? Well, now you can glue yourself to your PocketPC/Palm device and figure out the countless mysteries of Uninvited.

Installation: Like usual; quick, painless, and easy.

Graphics: The graphics in The Uninvited are very crisp and definitive. Colors don’t run together and everything looks very clear. This is one of the best things about this game. The graphics make the game fun to play and pleasing to the eye. Some of the rooms are astonishing, near photo quality.

Sound: The Uninvited only utilizes sound effects and not music. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personal taste. Usually I find music annoying, but I think in this game, the right music could have made the game so much more. The sound effects that are used demonstrate effectiveness and clarity. The sound of a breaking mirror will startle you if you have the volume up too loud.

Gameplay: Controls in The Uninvited are easy. You use the stylus to select one of several options, including Look, Open, Close, Talk, Use, Go, Hit, Eat, and others. The stylus is also used to interact with objects that are in the room/environment. Tap a door to open it. Tap an open book to read it. It is pretty self-explanatory.

The Uninvited is based off of the same game you played on the NES. Except, in my opinion, this version might be a bit harder. The first time I played, I think I lasted about 4 seconds before dying. This game was pretty hard for me to play, not because I didn’t like it, but because it was challenging and time consuming. My advice: SAVE OFTEN!

One thing I don’t like is that The Uninvited automatically starts a new game when the program runs. A menu would have been nice instead of having to go through extra taps every time I wanted to continue.

Overall: The Uninvited is sure to grab your attention if you are into the first-person adventure or puzzle genre. But, I warn you, be prepared to spend lots of time with your PocketPC/Palm, as this game can become addicting. The Uninvited is great for showing off all the colors of your device, spending quality time bonding with your PocketPC/Palm and its stylus, and satisfying your craving for entertainment.

The Uninvited is available only for PocketPC devices for $19.99 at the moment, but there is a Palm version coming soon.

Visit the official Uninvited website, or pick up the PocketPC version



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